WTB: Bull Centaur bits

Hi. I need one 4th edition Bull centaur for BSB conversion project. I will cut it’s hat and weapon. I don’t wanna ruin complete item… it just feels wrong man! So if anyone has some spare bits or already ruined bull centaur, id like to buy or trade it.

Located in Finland and UK


I cannot help and I’m toooo far even if I could
Good Luck

Sorry, but I do not own 4th edition Bullcentaurs!

Heres some WiP pics of conversions I’m working on for your ideas box

Reaper plastic bull, Minotaur body and an odd head
BC Champion No2 1a
BC Champion No2 3a

Plastic GW boars with bellys trimmed narrower and firstly a plastic CD then a BFSP dwarf for torsos
Boar to BC No1 1a
Boar to BC SB 1a

A DnD Gorgon bull and a Reaper Dwarf Musician

BC Musician c1

BC Musician b9

And it took me a while to find these comparisons of BC to Orc boar bodies for you


That amount of converting on metal miniatures…

You hero. :scream:

Great work - lots of inspiration. An important topic as for new players the bulls can be the hardest thing to source and are often v expensive on eBay.

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@Oxymandias That’s why I posted them now. To help Sinenen out.

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Thats a really great post. Please post more of your bull centaur conversions as you make them. Trying to find/ make the perfect bull centaur is like searching for the holy grail imo. At least for the helm style im looking for. A separate thread for ev1 to post their bull conversions would be great. Its the thing i look for most on the old cdo site

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