WTB Lamassu Head

I know it s a way too long shot, but i wanna convert a Blood bowl minotaur with Classic lamassu Head to complete my team.
Resin or metal doesnt matter to me.
Im in Italy :it:

“pizza, mandolino, nani del Chaos” like my old cdo thread stated

There Is this fella that has a nice oldish style and might work if i wont be able to find the head
Lamassu Minotaur

EDIT bought from Chitzkoi


So I know it’s not the original GW Lammasu head, but might the Shedu head from Raging Heroes be an option for you? I (and many of us) have used their Manticore as a Lammasu and especially the head is really nice.


Yes i know this one, but i was looking for the original because i have the Classic bb team, this one wouldnt fit

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I can help with this, but it will take a long time. Are you willing to wait 1/2 months?

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sure thing man, no hurry here. we are dwarves, we take our time :icon1: