I’m a father and a maker. I love to design and build stuff. I’m a software designer. I build electronics and smart devices.

I love warhammer and do so since 2007 isch. I started with a pretty large chaos army, then skaven. Got into other hobbies so sold it all (big mistake…). Few years later the flame reignited and i collected a largish lizardmen army. When that was about 80% painted I got a very large skaven army. Then beastmen, chaos warriors and daemons.

I’ve always longed for a chaos dwarf army, ever since I got my first hell cannon back in 2007 but they are not cheap!

I have also owned 3d printers (FDM) since 2014 and resin since this year.

A few months ago some patreons and a kickstarter all had chaos dwarf models and terrain so I knew what I had to do!

Now we are here and I’m building a great chaos dwarf army!