1000pts first LoA list!

Hello infernals!
I am preparing for the old world return by playing wfb 8th edition. I used to play ravening hordes a long time ago, but today Im trying LoA.
Here is my first 1000pts list. It’s all comers.

Demonsmith, dispel scroll, general 120pts (lore?)
Castellan, bsb, enchanted shield, talisman of preservation 180pts (magic weapon?)

20 infernal guards, standard, musician 260pts

Magma canon 145pts
3 Bull centaurs renders, heavy weapons, full command 175
Deathshrieker rocket 100

Total: 980

I got some spare points, maybe for the Castellan weapon. I take any list building and strategy advice :slight_smile:


Welcome friend, well met!

So I’d say that’s a solid list for 1000pts. The Legion of Azgorh is a very expensive army list, so you’ll be outnumbered against almost everyone.
My gut feeling tells me you lack “boots on the ground“, but at 1k you’ll be hard pressed. Your only option would be a minimum Hobgoblin unit, but you would have to sacrifice rhat deathshrieker for it. And arguably that deathshrieker will kill more than 20 Hobgoblins. The war machines are the best units you have, so all things considered I think you went the right way here.

All three lores for your Daemonsmith are good. Fire is cheap and straight forward. Keep him back with your war machines and just cast fireball. Personally I’m quite fond of metal, but maybe not for a level 1. Death is very effective too for Chaos Dwarfs, as you will spirit leech with leadership 9. And at 1000pts I think a Dwarf Thane is the only LD10 model in the whole game. Depends a little on your plan: with fireball you have another ranged attack against units, with spirit leech you can go after single models.

For the 20pts I think the best magic weapon for your bsb is the humble Sword of Might.

Any idea which armies you might be facing?

Thanks for tour answer! I guess I will play hight elves and vampires first. But there are many armies in my group to be honest.

I’ll go for the lore of fire and a sword of might, thanks :slight_smile:

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Oof, not exactly small fish :smile: well, your magma cannon is your best friend against both. Make sure it benefits from your infernal engineer.
So from my own experience I can say you don’t need to fear High Elf Spearmen with your infernal guard. I once scored like 37 hits on Chaos Warriors (which have the exact same defensive capabilities as infernal guard) and killed exactly none.

Good luck! Tell us how it went down :eye: