11 years later, I made a new YouTube Video!

I could really use some views, likes and comments, CDO fam!

Also, this is my first really attempt at video editing, so of anyone has any tips for me, that would be most welcome!


Cool to see (/hear) you on Youtube!

As for editing, the video could be a little tighter. Right now there’s a lot of fluff. I’m guessing you recorded the voice-over while looking back at the video? Maybe try and write a little script, so it can be a little more focused.

Same thing for the video. Try making a couple of close up videoclips that you can insert, instead of just letting the camera run and playing it in fast forward. There’s no need to watch you scrape moldlines for a minute if you can refer to it with a 3 second clip.

Check out this guy for a nice example of a clean focused production. Kitbashing Squats - YouTube

I hope I’m not discouraging you to make more videos. Just keep making them and you see it gets easier :slight_smile:


Not discouraging at all. I’m grateful for the feedback. I agree with everything you are saying.

For now, I’m trying to get into the habit of recording and posting videos and learning the required skills to do so. Next I’ll be doing the sort of thing you are recommending and honing my strategy for editing.

Thanks buddy!

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