[15mm] the Skull Castle

While being home sick for a few days(most probably not Covid19) I worked on this little project. And while I didn’t have too much else to keep me occupied I thought I might as well document it for a tutorial. :slight_smile:

Got the skull from a local Zoo shop ages ago while being inspired by some Ian Miller art, but didn’t have much more plans for it than to use it as terrain. The “rocks” are corc coasters, and the plastic card is some kind of foam plastic used for temporary signs etc at event centers. Not sure what the actual name of it is, but Im sure it can be found online or at well sorted hobby shops.

  1. Slapped the main structure together using a hot glue gun.

  2. Went over it with “wall filler” and once dry a coat of 1/2 PVA + 1/2 Water.

  3. Made a “shit ton” of bricks forn the plastic foam card. When you think you have enough, do twice as many more…

  4. Start laying the bricks using PVA. This takes a while…

  5. Make the roofs by drawing circles, cut away sectors and then glue together as a cone. Roof tiles were cut from an old GW box as well.

  6. Spray it all black and give it a good soak using some cheaper hobby store color.

  7. Paint the roof along the tiles and trying not to fill up between them, adding a high light as well.

  8. Various colors used to paint the rock and castle.

  9. Use GW shades for extra shades to the bricks and rock.

  10. Flock it all, outside! :stuck_out_tongue: Using PVA and flock. Once dry, soak it in 1/2 PVA + 1/2 Water and flock again.

  11. Add some various Woodland Scenics bushes etc and a banner to make it pop a bit.

  12. …and Ta-da, the finish Skull Castle.

  13. Thank yourself for being lucky enough to have a partner who thinks this an acceptabel way to spend your time… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is phenomenal. awesome to see all of the steps!

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This looks like a really nice little castle with lots of character and detail.
What brand are the flats/apartments at the back of the desk, they look like they would be excellent for Team Yankee?

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Great work! You can realise projects in this scale that would be storage nightmares at 28mm.

Love the piece - reminiscent of old Ian miller sketches. Like definitely grimdark but in a kind of twisted fairy tale kinda way.

Hope for feeling better btw dude


Amazing stuff @tjub, just the brickwork alone is a feat of both patience and talent!

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Indeed, one of the main reasons that we went to 15mm localy, it was just so much easier with both terrain and armies. :slight_smile:
I am better now thanks!

Hehe, thanks. Im not gona lie, its tedious cutting all the bricks. But the building part its kinda rewarding. And I really like the look of terrain created this way.

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Jaw dropping and really cool to see the underlying construction. Well done!

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This tutorial just changed my life <3 can’t wait to see this loom over a pitch!

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So freaking damn cool

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Great work! Striking result.

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