1980s Hobgoblins

Hi everyone -

You may have heard of obscure, samurai-styled Hobgoblin sculpts from yesteryear. If you’ve heard talk of Hobhounds, or a rocket launcher - distinct from our own, beloved rocket-cannon - let me share a little pre-4th-edition magic with you.

The blog below outlines the range, such as it was, and the lore, which includes non-green skin that’s been brought back with the hobgrots.

The author doesn’t like the Scythian version, but, that’s not so important. Marvel at the thin, historically-styled rocket! Thrill at the hobhounds that are… basically just wolves! Turn green with envy at all those non-green-skin infantry!

I have a few of these but doubt I’ll spend much energy collecting them. Always nice to have them for flavour. The rocket crewmen interest me the most - I want to mix slaves in with my classic artillery crew.


Thanks for sharing! Good find and good walkdown of these releases. It would be swell to have their background in whole, for future wiki use.

The 1985 Regiment of Renown Throg’s Hobgoblin Despoilers may also be mentioned as to 1980s Hobgoblins. Is there anything more, perchance?


In the ancient civil war of hats versus masks, it always amuse me that big hat fans can talk down to newfangled masked designs, only for them in turn to be talked down to as bull worshipping youngsters by the 1980s collectors. The same goes for Hobgoblins here.


As to 1990s style Assyrian Chaos Dwarfs and Scythian Hobgoblins not catching on, that left me perplexed. Looking on all the people here who has converted their own big hats and soft cap hobgobs, as well as the slew of third party producers who has catered to this very style. It seems it very much caught on outside of official GW ranges. :smile:


The “oriental” feel of the new hobgrots and the hob hounds getting a shout out for the old world game…I think this bloggers not the only one who’s been going through the citadel hobgoblin archive of late

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These are such a sore spot to me. Nearly had a whole regiment for about £1 -£1.50 a model. Obscure, poorly listed item on Facebook. Was the day before payday and had literally no money. By midnight when I got paid. All gone.

Win some, lose some haha

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This was on facebook recently. I downloaded the image as i loved it, fits in well here

Cant seem to load facebbok on my phone. Ill get his name at some point… think it was oldhammer group

He made the rockets out of pen bits


Personally, I like the idea of hobhounds as dog handler’s dogs, as they are shown in the catalogue entry. We have enough canid mounts. So I’m going to make a set of them out of the dogs I have no use for: the Mastiffs that come on the Abyssal Dwarf Blacksouls sprues. I can then put them on 20mm bases, and stick them - along with one of @Admiral’s fine slavers with a whip - into a regiment as a free rank-filler. I’m not exactly set to be short on Hobgoblins any time soon, but someday playing a truly humongous game with big chaffy tarpits would be fun, and the dogs are going to waste otherwise.


The hobhounds put me in mind of goblin dogs from pathfinder



Which, in turn, remind me of those Cadwallon Rackham Confrontation rat-dog mounts of the goblins of No Dan Kar.