28mm Ashen Dwarves & Hobgoblins, sculpted by Admiral

28mm Chaos Dwarfs & Hobgoblins “Ashen Dwarfs”, sculpted by Mathias Rizell aka @Admiral and sold by Admiralty Miniatures.


OMG :shock: You did these @Admiral ?? I have been looking at these online, even a friend of mine over here in Australia has heard of these.

Once I get over my spending spree hangover I will be getting some!
Wow you guys all went pro after I went walkabout :hatoff:


Sure did @Deebo ! You do know that there is a substantially high risk of catching sculptor’s syndrome when you join Chaos Dwarfs Online? Warplock Monkey, @Baggronor , @Sjoerdo , @Clam , @tjub , @Fuggit_Khan , @ATOM, Rozmax, Horsleben and many others can all attest. It’s a long list of patients. :smiley:

Going to copy over my project logs and our sculpting tutorials to Discourse in the future.



I did notice a slight twitch developing in my hand, my brain is telling me I can never do that but I was having a bit of a scroll through some of the tutorials last night and my had is starting to argue with my brain. I notice you guys use some special tools, could you recommend a handy starter kit? :hatoff:


Do try it out! It’s a CDO tradition, not least sparked by @Xander here. :hatoff:

The most handy is an ordinary sculpting tool (available here, since GW have now apparently stopped selling sculpting tools and ordinary green stuff, what the heck?) which I’ve sharpened with an electric whetstone for better detail, but that’s not a necessary upgrade.

Other than that, it is good to have ball-headed sculpting stylus tools for doing round holes quickly, such as for chainmail or eye sockets, but it’s not strictly necessary. Likewise, dental hook tools can be useful, but an ordinary sharp needle will do just as fine for those tiny details and ragged holes look.

Both ball-headed and needle-headed hand tools can be received by asking at the dentist’s by the way. They sometimes have some which they’re going to throw away.

Silicone sculpting tools can occasionally be handy for doing smooth surfaces quicker, but are likewise not necessary.

I would recommend an ordinary set of sculpting tools, sharp needles and just maybe some ball-headed sculpting styli. And these green stuff bars, since they give you the most sculpting putty for your money.

Any regular sculpting tools can do the job, really, but some are handy for certain tasks. Just sculpting tools and ordinary needles will take you far.

Best of luck!


This forum is the perfect environment for sculpting adventures, there are so many skilled and friendly people to give you advice and help you along the way. But be aware that there is a certain risk for addiction :wink: Best wishes!


Thanks for those links Admiral, they all seem cheap enough to jump in and have a crack, no excuse not to try really! haha

GW don’t do green stuff anymore?? Typical :mad:

@Antenor Yeah I could see it getting very addictive if I got good at it, If I had half the skill of some of the people here I would be doing some crazy stuff! Always something going through my noggin lol
Love that giphy “DO IT” hahaha


I usually get mine from GreenStuffWorld, but depends on where you live I guess. :slight_smile:


I live in Australia where it is hard to get anything cool but turns out Green Stuff World will ship down here and even with our crap dollar conversion stuff on that site seems fairly cheap still. I will likely put an order in with those guys for the things I need and some other tid bits I saw on there like some decent flock! Used to get Noch back in the day… until it vanished from shelves and everyone wants to sell GW flock now which comes in tiny packs and is priced as if it were made from diamond flakes! Thanks again for the links guys, much appreciated.


This painted sample of the matron with child, by Thomas Wood, is too funny. Incidentally, it’s also the dream of any sculptor to see their miniatures used in such dioramas out of the ordinary:

Baby’s First Sacrifice, by Thomas Wood

@Abecedar the Slayer-hater might enjoy this game of the floor is lava.


That mother and child one is awesome; i think the more ‘mundane’ aspect of evil fantasy societies are really under-represented and it’s interesting to see people’s takes on them




I do like this one. They put a lot more effort into the slayer than I usually do though.