3D print files for hobgoblins

Hello brothers and sisters
A mate of mine is stepping into 3D printing so was wondering if anyone has spotted files in the style of the classic 90s hobgoblins.
I hope you and your kin are all safe

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I think these are some of the best examples that have that old school feel:

Staying safe but going a little stir crazy. Hope you and yours are keeping well.


damn i was looking for that crew of hobbos, but the user changed the name, that why i couldnt find them anymore.
thx from me too!

plus i will take some advantage and ask my friend to print the standard bearer too

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@Loidrial - check the artist who did the standard bearer mate. Got some lovely big hat sculpts and chaos dwarf shields :smiley:

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yeah i saw him plenty of times on CDO on fb! that’s what i meant, this is what we have to do xD

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Thanks dudes

Here’s what the above link files come out like including a leg swap with goblin wolf riders


Oh very very nice!

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Damn they are really beautiful! Might Asl my friend to print some too :19_1:


I keep finding myself looking at hobgoblin…a lot

I love my 28mm chaos dwarf army but I’m getting into KOW and they are all on rounds. (Big rounds too)

I wouldn’t rebase as they are scenic bases I took a long time on.

My next chaos dwarf army might not be a chaos dwarf army at all. Could be a hobgoblin army on squares…if 3D print files like this keep coming out ittd be easy for me to do

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Absolutely and the 9th Age is about to release a stand alone hobgoblin auxiliary book so it’s time for lots of greenskins with big hats.
In the auxiliary book our greenskins get access to blunderbuss and flintlock rifles so conversions have begun