3D Printable Chaos Dwarfs by Raven Twin Miniatures

Raven Twin Miniatures have just posted this bull chariot on Instagram.

EDIT: Link to the Raven Twin Miniatures Patreon.

We’re apparently living in a golden age of Chaos Dwarfs !


This is awesome - anyone already a patreon for these dudes?

By Hashut! Wifey … Can I sell the car or one of the children, I have to have something

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Sell the wife then you won’t have to worry about asking permission ever again.



That is a great model!

If I were to sell the Wife, then I prpbably would have to do a Full disclosure …
(like a real estate agent telling a buyer about a murder in the house)
…which would absolutely screw me over.

Wow, haha… Indeed a golden age! And regarding that chariot, its a crazy design! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, we really are living in a golden age, going to have a proper look around that page later today :+1:t2:

That sculpt is outstanding!!!

Very cool chariot! I like the design, let`s see how it looks when it’s cast.

Seems Raven Twin Miniatures are supporting the new T9A Infernal Dwarves book! :slight_smile:

New book? New miniature !! Today we want to show you one of our favorite creations the Infernal Bastion, specially designed for the Infernal Dwarves! It will be a gift to our Patreons for their loyalty, to get it you must belong to the Patreon in May and June (both months). This model is not finished, the crew, the driver and the scenic base are missing. In the next few days we will show you the complete model.
Support us on Patreon:


If someone could print me the model I would be more than happy! :upside_down_face:

Chaos Dwarf Immortals, available through the Raven Twin Miniatures Patreon.


Wow, they look pretty Medieval, I like it

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Yes! So good! Although the shields put me in mind of almost early imperial roman shields.

The big thing on wheels :heart_eyes:

The reasons for not owning a 3D printer dwindle by the day. I mean my fiancé said we can’t afford it.

I neeeeeeed all these chaos dwarfs being released…but I don’t wanna die alone. Decisions decisions…


If you buy a 3D printer, you can print out the models for me and of course you will get the money for it. Then other nerds do the same and the 3D printer is financed! How does that sound?! :grin:


I’ll PM you my partners phone number mate - you can explain…good luck :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I love the immortals, lovely sculpts.