4/5th edition rule question

I’m listening to a podcast where they’re talking about army compositions and what they used to do back-and-forth in fifth edition and one of them was talking about how he get his chaos army knights down to like one plus saves and how his opponent quit the game before they even started because he was a strength three based army and all I could think of was I don’t really remember getting down to +one saves but my group always played it as it was 1+ when factoring in str attacks but otherwise it was a 1 always failed on save rolls. Even remembering in 3rd 40k you could
H2h and tank and destroy it as a certain dice roll like a one always failed. Am I remembering the rule correctly or am I just remembering some group house rule

Yes, it was possible. Chaos armour was 4+, shield makes it 3+, mounted 2+ and barding 1+. Rolls 1s on saves wasn’t an autofail. They were something like 65pts per model, and standards were double that, so it took a sizeable portion of the army points. Some people would lump all their best characters in there too, making it a juicy target but super powerful when it charged. Could still be defeated in combat due to ranks, flank charges, etc, or just led around by a light cavalry unit that flees out of range every turn.

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Did a quick check through the rules - it looks like it was never explicitly mentioned in 4th (p28) but in 5th it came right out and said a 1+ automatically saved against S3 hits (p30). Crazy times :laughing:

Ok so if I got a unit down to 0 or 1+ save they couldn’t touch me unless their strength made the modifier get it to a two atleast.

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I like that but I think that steve the halfling should have a minimum chance of killing that chaos knight pure luck atleast like got to roll 6s twice in a row to wound at that point

4th edition stone throwers, cannons, bolt throwers, and a few spells didn’t allow armour saves even when at lower strengths. A single hit on a chaos knight unit means they pay for themselves in points.

Also, fleeing knights get cut down just as easily as goblins, they aren’t impervious by any means. You only want to charge knights into units that they will break in one turn, if they get bogged down then a bad round of combat gets more likely with flank and rear charges.

That’s what magic and fanatics were for