6th Ed 2000pt Friendly Tournament List

Hi All, long time lurker (going back in the forum days), first time poster.

I’ve entered a Friendly 6th Edition Tournament scheduled for late March, and, after some though, I’m going to enter with our favorite evil stunties.
I have yet to try this out on the table yet (hopefully soon), but I think its quite a solid list. It is naturally bound by what models I have, so things like the unit sizes cannot really be added to.

Sorcerer Lord - Lvl 4 (35) 2 Power Stones (50) 275pts

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer - Lvl 2 Upgrade (35) 100pts

Chaos Dwarf Hero - BSB (25), A of Gazrakh (30) 115pts

Bull Centaur Hero - HA (4), Gauntlets of BC (20), Enchanted Shield (10) 130pts

15 Warriors - GW, Shield, FC(30) 195pts

15 Warriors - Blunderbusses, Musician (10) 190pts

15 Warriors - GW, Shield, FC(30) 195pts

10 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders - Bows (30) Musician (10) 150pts


20 Black Orcs - Additional HW, Full Command 274pts

Death Rocket 80pts

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower 30pts


Earthshaker Cannon 110pts

5 Bull Centaurs - HA (5), Musician (15), Standard (15), War Banner (25) 160pts

Total: 2004pts

All comments and criticisms welcome. Thanks!


That looks really solid, I’d have no problem rocking that list Stillmania style.

The only thing I’d tweak would be to add the Dark Mace of Death somewhere. That’s strictly because it’s cool; I can’t vouch for its efficacy in tournaments! Power stones etc are probably more sensible.

Id combine the cd waRriors and the pts saved on command would go on a hobbo chaff unit on fanatic duty or a bolt thrower. Looks fine otherwise: )


This is a pretty solid list tbh. The changes I would make would be fairly minor - swap a power stone for a dispel scroll, and trade some black orcs for warriors. If you want to make a big change you could swap a character for another unit of troops, but I think this is probably good for a tournament.

Also, since you are only using a hand weapon on your BC Hero you can just give him a Sword of Might instead of the gauntlets. Same points, same effect, you can embed him in your BC unit if needed, and you get magic attacks in case you run into ethereals.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’d love to add more Warriors, but this list uses every single one I have. Also must remember at 2000pts, there is a min of 3 core choices, and Hobgoblins don’t count, so i’m kinda stuck with what I have. But I’m hoping 15 will be enough, and their high leadership and heavy armour and shields will help them stick around longer.
@flagellant04 That’s a good point about the replacing the Gauntlets for the Sword of Might on the Centaur Hero; same points and no disadvantage. I think because I’m using the Blood Bowl BC model, and he has things that look like gauntlets on, it stuck in my head to give him them haha.

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Good luck! Give us some batreps afterwards! :smile:

There will definitely be pictures up on my Instagram; @daves_hobby_happenings (shameless plug).

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