6th Edition (Re) Starting

Restarting 6th ed WFB with some friends and currently have Ravening Hordes only.

  1. Are there any expanded rules for the flyers available? Other than profile and presumably “Flyer”

  2. Are there any rulea for the 6th era special named characters? Astrogoth etc.

  3. Best alternative Earthshakers?



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I’m not aware of any expanded rules for flyers other than the section in the core rulebook, though they likely have some FAQ regarding specific scenarios. Do you have a specific question about them?

Unfortunately the Chaos Dwarf special characters never received rules in 6th edition. A nice compendium of all special characters for 6th edition can be found at Warhammer Fantasy Battles 6th Edition Characters/Special Rules: Armies


Hi, thanks for reply.

I was thinking maybe the Taurus and Lam maybhave had terror, breath weapons etc?

Yes, they both fly and cause terror and the Taurus has a breath weapon! That information is listed in Ravening Hordes under the Special Rules of the Lords section.

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“A Sorcerer Lord is a level 3 wizard. This may be
increased to level 4 at a cost of +35 points. Great Taurus and
Lammasu are large targets, cause terror and can fly. A Great
Taurus is immune to fire-based attacks, has a 4+ save and
breathes S3 fire. A Lammasu gives its rider +2 Dispel dice to
dispel each spell that affects them”

It’s in the second column in the upper right corner of the page. ^^

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