8th Ed Warhammer - help a newbie out

Hey guys,

My gaming group were talking about doing a bit of 8th Ed warhammer at some point after lockdown. We’ve also spoke about mordheim , kings of war and lots of other games so I don’t know which will be getting played first.

I’m Building a kings of war legal chaos dwarf army which will almost certainly be useable in warhammer.


My army will have hobgoblins involved and I know the Tanurkhans horde list didn’t have these.

And my army will probably end up having a siege giant in it too…which I know ravening hordes chaos dwarf lost doesn’t have.

Legally, can a player mix and match these two rule sets? I own a copy of ravening hordes but I don’t own a copy of tamurkhans to see if it is an army in its own right or an add on to chaos dwarf armies.

Never played warhammer fantasy in my life so it’s all a bit of a minefield - advice welcome!

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Tamurkhan does have Hobgoblins and hobgoblin Wolf Riders in the army list, I think it’s just a case that most players considered them suboptimal so never bothered to field them.

You can’t mix and match the Ravening Hordes list with the Tamurkhan one, sorry.

You can, however, mix the Tamurkhan list with the Hordes of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos and Beastmen army lists using the rules for mixed Chaos armies in Tamurkhan, so could use units from those lists to ‘counts as’ for anything you feel it’s lacking. However I’d advise against this as those rules don’t work very well from what I can recall (iirc if you have more units broken/fleeing at the start of a turn you roll on a chart to see what bad stuff happens to your army, so you pretty much can’t have any sacrificial units for baiting charges, drawing out goblin fanatics, etc).

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The 9th age is worth a look too

All the rules and army books are free and the infernal dwarves are awesome to use in this game


Wow really? I guess I Just assumed they didn’t because there weren’t new models at the time.

I need to get my hands on This army list then to be honest. My internet searches were t successful last night but I’ll give it another go.

Also sub optimal doesn’t bother me at all haha. I don’t play to win , I play to tell
A good
Story. And my group are very narrative instead of Competitive. If somebody tries to net list or actually make a half decent army list …well they will Normally have the piss taken out of them so much they will not do it again. “Power gamer” is a badge of shame in my group haha :joy:

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Okay wow got hold of the forgewolrd book. Lovely artwork etc but my god is it laid out terribly! (Always the way in FW) in my opinion

Does anyone know of an “easy to read” version of this list anywhere sans artwork and strange editorial choices?

I go by the warhammer armies project book for 8th edition. It is very well written and has every unit you could imagine for it. I have created army lists from ravening hordes and this fan made book. They are v similar in terms what you get for the points. Tge newer book gets you heavier armour, worse centaurs, more powerful in combat sorcerers but a rough miscast rule makes them vunerable. Having the option to take crossbows, large bull centaurs, golems juggernaughts daemon cannons bazookas swivel guns and whirlwinds make it amazing in my book.you can really go for a 3rd edition themed armylist. It cuts out all the bolt thrower spam and makes slaves harder to get- you need a unit of 20 hobbos 1st.
Have a look, i reckon you will be impressed if you havent seen it

My mate who are looking at playing just suggested this. I’m glad. I wasn’t sure if it would be official books only. This list is far superior in terms of army building.

@Zoddtheimmortal my new army - I’m using poison arrow bowmen chaos dwarfs. What do you reckon is best to proxy as? Devastators with Crossbows?

Got to be cross bows in my opinion. 3x s3 12inc shot sounds more like a gun or repeater pistol.
Neither can move or fire. Neither is perfect unless you use them as hobbo archers which im sure you dont.

You could do fire arrows? Have them on fire on the models to make them s4? You probably dont want to be running around with arrows that are alight?

Or model little toads or nurglings on the bases where they rub their arrow heads on their back for poison like jaguar paw in apocalypto haha

You could put a tub or tar or daemonic ichor or even a warmachine in the middle of your unit to show they are a bit sedentry

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Yes just saw crossbows - definitely a best option thanks @Zoddtheimmortal

Yeah I think you’re right. Some kind of static addition to the unit that shows like a receptacle of poison or something. The break between firing representing them carefully coating the next shot in some volatile corrosive daemon juice of some description.

This book is so good. I may have to get a copy printed just to own as an artefact and read. It’s very cool. All the best bits from every edition of chaos dwarfs represented.

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I also endorse the Warhammer Armies Project book. One thing though, make sure you download the right one - there’s an 8th ed one and one for WAP’s own 9th edition.


Oh okay. Thanks @Lord_of_Uzkulak

Don’t suppose you have a link to the correct one cos I guarantee I’ve got the wrong one haha

Easy to read, no, but I have a version with just the Chaos Dwarf Bestiary plus the Chaos Siege Giant, Lammasu from Storm of Magic and Hellcannon from the Warriors of Chaos Army Book. So it’s at least a little more convenient.

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Appreciate it @Jasko however it looks like I’m going down the fan book route now my group is okay with it.

I’ve seen your LoA magic cards btw Jasko. So cool!

Sure thing, happy wargaming then :slight_smile:

Oh I just printed the cards (and only b/w on paper and not colored on cardstock), they were made by Veshnakar and shared on the old forum.


This is the one:

Iirc the 9th ed one is very similar; off the top of my head one of the ways to check is to look at the armour options for some units; in the 9th ed book iirc some units had the option for ‘medium armour’ which isn’t a thing in 8th. :wink:


Legendary- cheers @Lord_of_Uzkulak

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Geez i had the wrong one myself. Very similar . Armour a bit better on war machines and a bit worse on cds in 8th. No breath attack on lammasu. I need to check for sorcers curse too…
Cheers uzkulak


Armour not being as good on CDs is good for my army. Have you seen that rabble!? Haha they are not well armoured :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Zoddtheimmortal and @Lord_of_Uzkulak

I went in for the 8th Ed fan book :grimacing:

And I added my mates home brew rules for warlords of erehwon to the back! Was made cheaper to print because two mates wanted a copy too.


Wow looks great printed out and bound. No idea what warlords of erehwon is though?

I think you will agree its so well written too

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