A 5th edition army for the 9th age

So, this time it’s not painting related, I took a break from printing to learn and try to cast, I had advice from some people in this and in fabelzel group so I started, I will post the final results in the next reply


Good luck with your endeavour! If you need advice on casting, I’m always happy to help. You can also check out @Thom-Thumb’s blog and my ramblings on the topic.


Thanks a lot!!! I will read it this evening really thanks

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Still got to improve with mould but I’m happy with the first result


So little updating, some metal blunderbuss done (that one on the square base), i finally build the hobgoblin ballist and a little lamasu it’s coming!! Praise Hashut!



Good job with the casting. The details seem to be preserved fairly well and it’s almost not noticeable that this is a reproduction. Also interesting behaviour on the blunderbuss: it seems to be shrunken a fair bit but the details are still there — some mould expansion when pouring in the hot metal or simply the metal contracting? The latter can happen when the mould is cold, so the temperature difference is high. Usually, I have to do around 10 casts before the mould gets up to temperature (putting it in an oven beforehand at around 100C also helps) Are you using regular silicone or heat-resistant one? I’m asking because I currently rely on HTV silicone which is hard to come by, so more convenient alternatives are always welcome.

Otherwise, very nice paint jobs all around.

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