A chap's host of Dawi-Zharr

This will be a collection of my attempts to 3d print, paint, and at at time digitally kitbash my way into owning a 4th edition looking army that a much younger me would have given a right hand to own. Almost exclusively will these ranks be made out of Fabelzel’s wonderful sculpts and kitbashes/digital conversion of them.

The host has been assembled, The dread sorcerer lord with his retinue and slaves have taken up a defensive position at the end of an valley.

The leaders of their hosts themselves, the the sorcerer Lord and his as of sidekick in charge of the military matters.

The mighty artillery park that they can bring to bear upon their foes

The brutal cavalry charge of the force is provided by the chosen of Hashut Himself.

The warriors

The Horde of slave fighters is quite capable to soak up fire from the enemy and make sure the more important dwarves survive.

And that is what I have so far, expect more to be printed and posted in the future.


Wow! Great looking army you got there… :slight_smile: Has @Fabelzel made war machines and crew as well?

What an amazing and cohesive army. Really nice!

He has made a few war machines very recently but these ones specifically I made myself prior to his sculpts. The crew is mostly made by him as they are just some of his warrior that I reposed a bit and added few more details to them.


Why thank you. Quite pleased with how they turned out but it helps a lot to have such great STL files to work with to begin with.


Welcome. STL’s are not in my repertoire, and I must say you’ve done a great job with these.


Why thank you, turned out quite decent if I do dare to say so myself.

Wow what an amazing army! Very inspirational, great work!

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Thank you for the kind words. Will hopefully grow into a mighty host one day.


Wow! Full Fab is something to behold! Love the scheme too. I hope this will grow in the future!

Worry not, I have no intention to stop anytime soon, as a matter of fact has the recent planned additions to this host come off the printer not too long ago:

A siege giant and a trio of K’daai Fireborn


Your prints are lovely the giant is awesome!

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Love that giant sculpt. Beard is Perfick

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'Tis all thanks to Fabelzels wonderful sculpts, I just poured some liquid and pressed a button. But yes they look really wonderful and I cannot wait until I have them painted up.

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It looks like he’s trying to break into the side of a giant squidward’s house


heh, yeah I can see that, it has that rough hue and shape doesn’t it?

What it actually is, is a 3d printed imitation of that old 4th edition tower that was usually part of photoshoots of high elves from that era for the chorfs and my elves to fight over. Featuring some 3d printed high elf white lions.


Giant proper is fully painted, just need to GS some gaps, and paint the tower, however I am waiting with that thing until I have a crew for it.


Needed to have some goblin slaves to boss around so I started to stretch the old 3d sculpting muscles a wee bit. now I just need to print roughly 50 of the buggers.


Unit of K’daai fireborn I am working on, unit champion and regular test piece, two done, four more to go.


Chap all this project it’s turning way better than the battle on the book!!

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