A monopose warrior with a flat head and a few different hats to stick to him

Actually @Loidrial you do have a point here. A monopose warrior with a flat head and a few different hats to stick to him would be a quick way of creating a lot of variety in a unit.

Of course it give the option to go crazy and stack them too haha


Well you know, im an idiot so… XD
Its the same idea behind all my stupid emoticons, also i Remember some one on thingiverse i think, made some hats (and Admiral on his store too)


Yup! Those ones by admiral work well. I used them to customise my plastics


I grabbed the ones on thingiverse a while ago but they are pointy, anyone got a link to Admirals ones?
I am thinking maybe with some editing we could make a giant hat by sticking some ontop of others, if it is possible I would defs make one and dedicate it to you @Loidrial , Hell I might even print and send it to you! :smiley:

can not seem to find @Admiral 's hats, none that are available anyways and even then they were not stl’s but if anyone finds something I can print I will defs have a crack at making a ridiculously big hat for Loidrial, after all he makes us such wonderful emoji’s :beer:

Thats strange, i cant find Fuggit hats on Admiral etsy… I remember it was there

This Is the 3d file for thingiverse hats instead


@Fabelzel : Gloriously detailed and well-designed figures! Love it all. :smile:

@Loidrial : Fuggit’s hats continue to be popular. They’ve sold out, and I don’t have the energy for a thorough review of all the various moulds that will need new castings to refill stock at the moment. Burnout leave limited energy. A casting order from several moulds will happen within weeks with any luck.


Fact they keep selling is a really positive sign @Admiral . I thought they were a brilliant little product


Yeah that is the one I already have, maybe if I print them and do some serious cutting and gluing I can do something, I will defs give it a red hot go for you my friend. I am also serious about sending the finished product to you when it is made however I will not be painting it for you!! lol I will leave the paint job for yourself haha

@tjub We seem to have made a mess of Fabelzel’s blog here, could you please clean this up for us, sorry for making a mess, sometimes I get a bit over excited!! :beer: Cheers mate


Let me know if there’s a better topic for the thread…


These are what I used to mix up my monopose warriors, it looks fantastic! Plus if you cut carefully you get their original hats as bits for later :wink:


Really nice! I was thinking to try and get a small unit of 10/20 plastic CD for the same purpose.
I have a lot of metal One so my 5ish plastic One fits nice in the unit and you dont notice that.
But this way is even better

Did you scale the hats or you left them as they came in the file?

I didn’t print them myself since I don’t own a printer, but I’m partially guilty of them existing. I sent the sculptor a free bit he was missing and he offered to design something in 3d in return. I asked if he could make 1 or 2 hats that would fit the monopose warriors… and the rest is history;) Truth be told, he had been thinking of doing something along those lines anyway and took the opportunity to execute the idea^^

Then he graciously printed a bunch and sent them to me. I got them in 100% and 105% of the file and I think I used the 105% ones as the plastic warrior is a bit bulky.


:top1: That s so great!
:tower5: HATshut Is more than pleased.
:tower1: Thank you so much lol
:tower6: .
:hatshut: .


This is all great, I also have some of those monopose plastic warriors and didn’t like that, I will use the hats to customise them.