A nostalgia kick

Having a clear out of an old cabinet ready to put some minis in (now that I’m finally finishing some) and I found some of the old books I have, so much is online now I was surprised I had so many.

Was definitely a nice run down nostalgia lane…

Also reminded me I made it into the Avatars of War rulebook once upon a time :grin:

It’s been great looking through a lot of the old artwork again, especially the Gorkamorka books, but had to stop in the end as it was just giving me too many ideas for different projects :grimacing::grin:

Anyone else got any old books to reminisce over?


The old Chaos Dwarf book is still missing, but I haven’t had a chance to get it for a reasonable price, but I’ll get one someday! :wink:


Im shocked to hear that… :anguished: That and Tamurkhan must be our version of the holy book.

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@GhraskDragh Great finds! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Ive thrown out all of my old stuff. Only kept the CD related ones as well as Generals Compendium. My only real regret is WFB 4th ed rules as well as 40K 2nd ed rules, were it all began…

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