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Buy, trade, or sell your miniatures with fellow members.

[Work in progress]

Please be advised that Chaos Dwarfs Online will not accept any responsibility for any kind of losses or grievances associated with transaction(s) connected to this forum.
All transactions are conducted at the sole risk of the participants in the transaction.

What is Appropiate to Buy or Sell

  • Advertising or trading is only allowed in the Market Place section.

  • Advertising for anything other than wargaming miniatures or wargame hobby related products will result in the threads being locked.

  • Single Ebay links are allowed (it�s up to the individual whether they choose to buy anything), but not relentless advertising of Ebay shops.

  • Be very carefull giving personal financial information either in threads or by personal message as part of a private trade. Never request such details unless it is part of a pre-agreed private trade.

  • Selling or trading of models or hobby related materials that breach copyrights for any company is not allowed. This includes casts of original models.

  • Advertising the copying or mould making of original models (for the purposes of mass production) would be in breach of somebody’s Intellectual Property Rights and/ or Copyrights and so is not advised.��Any such threads may be locked or deleted.

I am going to open up the Reputation system for the Market place.

Basically when you trade/buy/sell with/from another user, you can add a point (or neutral, or subject) to their reputation.��

If you sold an item, you can say something like:
Great Buyer.��Sent money fast, no hassles, shipped him a Sorcerer.

If you bought an item, you can say:
Great Seller. Recieved the Sorcerer, item as described!

Or in the case of a Trade:
I sent my item first, he received it, and sent his item. Traded with no hassle!

Or in the worst case scenario:
This Buyer/Seller/Trader screwed me! I sent money/my-trade-item and they didn’t send me anything.��They won’t return my PMs!

Pretty straight forward.��If you have any disputes, PM an Admin so they can mediate.

You can only give one reputation to each user, but you can re-rate them to edit what you have rated before.��Users will get a PM when they receive a Reputation change.��

If you are intending to buy/sell/trade anything in this forum please put your location in your post. This saves everybody’s time as people then know whether they can post to you and vice versa.

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