Adepticon 2020!

So I’m headed to Adepticon this year in March. It’ll be my first time going to the convention, and I’m mostly going there to observe. I’ll probably bring a few models, and if I’m ambitious, I’ll enter something into the Golden Demon, just to exhibit singing with no intention of winning.

Is anyone else going?

Has anyone done in previous years? If so, do you have any advice for me?


I wish, a bit too far from Sweden atm. But we have actually ben contemplating going over for Blood Bowl, Chaos Cup(Chicago) I guess, some time in the future.

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I’m local to Chicago, so I am considering showing up for a bit on the Sunday. Would love to enter the KoW tournament but I cannot go on Sat, and I am manufacturer ambivalent when it comes to models, which doesn’t tend to fly for the Mantic requirements as it is. I don’t think I have a single Mantic model in my list. Where are you coming from?

Haven’t attended prior. Something else is always on the agenda that weekend.

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I’m driving in from Sudbury, Ontario. It’s quite a trek. I’ll probably be driving home on the Sunday, so I might miss your visit to the show.

Makes sense given the distance. Will let you know if it looks like I am actually going to be there any of the days.

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Sounds good! Bring local is certainly a nice benefit!

I’ve been to Adepticon a few times, although that was a few years ago.

Best suggestion I have is to make sure to eat at Kuma’s Corner for at least one dinner. Best burgers I’ve ever had. They have one super close to the convention center now.

I don’t know if the experience is the same anymore but there was lots and lots of drinking. Like everyone had their fifths on the table. At least thats how the Malifaux and WHFB rooms were.

From what I remember eating at the hotel was insanely expensive so we got sandwich fixin’s and snacks from a super market right after we checked in. That way we could have something to eat between games and not deal with the swarms of people at nearby resteraunts and fast food joints.

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Great advice! I’ve been to Chicago once before and ate at Kuma’s Corner! It’s what my wife talks about most from the trip, haha.

Malifaux and WHFB rooms? How big was the place? I went to a location on the outskirts of Chicago and it was indeed a Corner and quite small.

Seems smart to pack food to eat during the day. Nice!


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Oh no. I was talking about the gaming rooms at Adepticon not Kuma’s.

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Yeah, I wonder if drinking in the game rooms is still a thing. Did they check IDs or what?

Fingers crossed there are something for us, Id be happy with BB or a WarCry hint… :slight_smile:

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Glad I’m all registered up for this preview! Should be pretty exciting!

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Not that I can remember but there may have been different conference badges/lanyards for attendees under 21.

Maybe not that unexpected, given other measures…