...Among The Wicked Dawi - Interlude 2

Gunther -

One year ago to the very day, I sent you a few dozen extracts from “A Decade in Bondage Among The Wicked Dawi of the Far East”. I had only those few scraps of the text I held to hand. I write to you now to confirm that the situation facing the Empire is dire indeed. Your suspicions have proven correct; great machines of war are sighted in the employ of the Ruinous Powers, and their masters are the fallen kin of the Karaz Ankor.

It is with that in mind I have returned to the Kutenholz Chapter House to find the full text. I sit now surrounded by parchment, the sound of quills scratching into the night as I have a dozen novices creating copies to be sent to all the Witch Hunter Captains in Ostermark and as far afield as Kislev.

I risk the Empire’s friendship with the noble Dawi in doing this, and fear I may condemn myself to death. But the extracts I enclose in this missive are vital. They show the first glimpses of the wicked Dawi at war, engaged in their brutal politics, and immersed in heretical sorcery and worship of powers so malevolent as to bend the mind of the ordinary reader.

Recall, then, that in the extracts I sent you, we heard the tale of the captive Journeyman zookeeper of Altdorf, enslaved by a malevolent sorcerer, soul-bound to be the life-ward of a filthy greenskin assassin, and almost slain a dozen times over in the brutal politics of a fortress carved into the side of a volcano. He discovered that he had been abducted to care for the son of that sorcerer, a mutated bull-creature who had fallen into a magical coma and was held deep beneath the mountain by the sorcerer’s bitter rival. To save the mutant-princeling’s life, he needed to find three items: healing herbs, trollflesh and a winch. He secured the winch and was taken to the greenskin caves beneath the fortress in search of the remaining items, where he witnessed their savage rites and finally was taken at the mercy of a greenskin shaman dwelling in dwarven ruins that lay yet further beneath the earth.

The tales that follow in these pages shall make these trials seem trivial by comparison. Horrifying sorcery, foul mutation and deadly battle is contained in these pages. Only if the best of our Order and the Empire at large comprehend the threats contained herein can they hope to stop the Dawi Zharr and their savage daemon-god.

Go with Sigmar, brother. Dark times lie ahead.


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