Antenor's Evil Dwarves [2024-01-31]

Good day, everyone!

It’s time to transfer my stuff to the new forum! I’m going to re-photograph some of the units, so it may take a bit of time until all the placeholders below are filled.

I started with Chaos Dwarfs about one and a half years ago, and they are my first serious project in this hobby. I’ve dabbled in different styles of conversion and shall continue to do so, but I’d like to focus mainly on Big Hats in the future. My army is a mixed bag from different manufacturers with a good deal of conversion and kitbashing, but I try to maintain a slight degree of uniformity via paintjob. In my old army blog, I used to drop a bit of exposition along with each finished unit. I’d like to change that around a bit by occasionally doing some dedicated fluff posts instead.

For gaming purposes, this is a Kings of War army, although it should work just as well for any system using square bases. Right now, I have about 1000 points of standard units ready to go. I’m going to add new units as the fancy takes me, without too much thought on gaming efficiency.

Thanks for taking a look, I hope you enjoy!



Placeholder (latest army pic)

Azrubal the Ambitious (Daemonsmith/Iron-Caster)


Bull Centaur Lord Bel-Sebul (Abyssal Halfbreed Champion)


Chaos Dwarf Warriors (Blacksouls)


Blunderbusses (Decimators)


Lesser Obsidian Golems


Obsidian Guard (Immortal Guard)


Earthshaker Cannon (Angkor Heavy Mortar/G’rog Light Mortar)


Azrubal is great. Love the banner, but his L eye, oh, fantastic.


Thanks! Painting that lens was a test of nerve for me :sweat_smile:

Now that the placeholders for my “old” units are filled, it occurs to me that this gittle guy (the “Hoblite”) should, in fairness, also get a place in the new blog:

This wraps up the transfer of my existing army. From now on, it’s going to be either new stuff or - in the case of one war machine - old stuff that I haven’t painted yet. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post some WIP of my next CD project soon.


Very fancy model, although it is a Hobgoblin… :japanese_goblin: This sword is really cool!

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An entire beautifully converted and painted force. They fit the look of Chaos Dwarves perfectly! Your Obsidian Guard stand out for me.

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Fantastic work! I particularly like how you’ve incorporated some of the old iconography into your new style minis

Great stuff :vulcan_salute:t2:

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Thanks a lot for the kind words! I really hope that I’ll have something new to show soon. :blush:


Finally, I finished my first scratch sculpt! Anyway, I hope it counts as a scratch sculpt. I did use this bit from a Khemri charioteer. :slight_smile:

Some pics of the unpainted sculpt. Face design inspired by @tjub :slight_smile:

Of course, this is a beginner’s work in many ways, but considering it as such, I’m happy with it. It certainly was useful practice. All feedback, criticism, and advice for future sculpting adventures would be most welcome!



Very cool implementation, much better than anything I have tried before!

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Your sculpting work looks great and matches the core theme beautifully. I thought I saw some Tjubish influence there :+1:

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Your obsidian golems are effing brilliant!
Damn I love them :heart:

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