[AoS] Cephardin: Aquatic Duardin Concept Sketches by the_thinking_gnu

A hobby artist known online over on Reddit as the_thinking_gnu has recently revealed some imaginative Cephardin, or aquatic Duardin, concept sketches. He has a deft hand at cooking up neat concept sketches for all manner of things, including Kroot in 40k.

Ingenious for Age of Sigmar, I also believe these would be of interest as inspiration to fans of mutated Chaos Dwarfs in general, including @Uther.the.unhinged , @Reaver , and possibly even @Zoddtheimmortal , regardless of specific setting. Here is the artist’s description of the concept:

Hello everyone, after a slightly longer hiatus than usual, I have returned and bring with me some octo-dwarfs! I’ve seen this tiny piece of lore discussed at length in various places and thought I might have a go at coming up with some potential designs for a mortal race that has clearly struck a cord within the AoS fan community. With little information to draw upon, I tried to keep the designs simple whilst also trying to come up with something that was both unique but also felt that it could fit quite nicely within the broader range of sentient species that make the mortal realms their home. Perhaps the most interesting idea I came up with was the ‘tentacle beard’, which I felt was a fun alternative to more traditional hair. These are just some very early sketches and, to be honest, I’m not very happy with them, but I thought they were interesting enough to share and would appreciate any feedback.


Great share Admiral!
:hat5: .
:head4: .

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Cool a few steps further than the Idoneth Deepkin! Kinda reminds me of this guy… :stuck_out_tongue:


I knew there was something familiar about them! :hatoff:

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