[AoS] Fomoroid Crusher for WarCry

These are really sweet models, should be be very usable as slaves for us I think.


Interesting design. So he’s a cyclops, sort of? Not a troll, not a giant… hrm.

I’m not a big fan of that super back-hunch that a lot of miniatures have these days. His head is lower than his shoulders! :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be good as slave ‘ogres’ for Earthshakers.

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Or perhaps as a nice proxy for lesser obsidian golems in KoW.


Oh, thats a cool idea!
For a slave focused army.

They would make pretty cool Golems. :+1:

Second one looks better for converting :hocho:, certainly both could be of use!

Fairly sure it’s the same mini just with different head/hand options Reaver. :wink:

Yes indeed. I just like the second configuration better for the chains and the open hand

I have recently bought the model. It is VERY bulky.

Fits on a 50x50mm base, but only just.


Do you have any comparison photos? :slight_smile:

Yes I do.


He is mounted on a 50x100 base, standing next to a Minotaur on a 40x40 base.

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Regarding that picture I think the Crusher would be suitable for a Giant on a 50x75 mm base.

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Correct. I use mine for a Cyclops in my Beast Herds army, and he only has a little bit of excessive base going on.