[AoS] Gloomspite Gitz by tjub

As stated before I fell back into 28-ish mm gaming with the wonderful Gloomspite Gitz release for AoS 2. These Gitz ate just so much fun…

A few units painted so far, but first out here are these Rock Troggoths. :blush:


They are great. Are the mushrooms yours?
Ah, I want a troggoth army. Maybe after the next batch of cds.


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Yes, its just cones of Greenstuff on a clip. :slight_smile:

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The newly finished Mangler Squigs, these new GW models are so good! :blush::+1:t2:


Great choice of colours in those squigs, love the collection of moss and lichen too on the Rockguts :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:

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Looks awesome! Night Goblins are the best. :slight_smile:

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Those squigs are amazing!


Never enough 'shrooms for the Gitz!

Fanatics, or whatever they are called these days… :slight_smile:

Boingrots, heavy Squig cav. Love these models!


I love the way you paint squigs, they look so alive, and the fungi really make the bases pop.

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Fascinating models and an awesome paint job! Also love the meticulous basing you have done!

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I imagine if you ever had a crown it would be pointed with mushrooms just like those, king of conversions, wearing it while dancing around to Mango Wood :wink::grin:

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Like King Fungy? :joy:
I can only say thank you! As of Mango Wood, epic boss reggae! :boom:


Genuinely didn’t know that existed, yes exactly like that!!

Finally finished a 2000pts Squigalaunche! :sweat_smile:


So colourful, looks amazing :heart_eyes:

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Sooooo awesome

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Looks like those squigs ate too many skittles! Very nicely painted, i dont see many goblins, i guess they got eaten…

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Utterly gorgeous. I am in awe and very jealous!

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Night Goblins are the essence of a fun army, they’re comical, totally undependable and unpredictable.
Gotta love them :wink:
They were my favorite allies back in 4th and 5th edition…the hated and loathed 6th edition ruined them though.
But always cool and nostalgic to see them…yours are really pretty damn nice!
Too bad about those round bases (ha!)
…but I still absolutely love what you’ve done with them…are you using a wet palette?
Your painting style has evolved over the years, but still distinctive tjub! :heart:

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