[AoS] New start with chaos dwarf

Hello, following my threat on CDO here is my list for legion of azgorh age of sigmar. Comments and advice welcomed:)


Infernal castelan
Taur’Ruk, grotesque, armor of bazherak.

3x10 Infernal fireglaives
3x Magma canon

2x3 Bullcentaurs
2x Skullcrackers
2x 8 Iron golem

I will use Iron golem as Frontline shield while skullcracker are attacking from behind. Fireglaives, heroes and 1 Magma in the middle, 1 skullcracker, 3 centaurs, 1 Magma and 8 Iron golem on each flank.


We want to see photos of your army … what is not posted, is not existing! :sunglasses:

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Nice to see the Iron Golems included there, cool list so of also love to see some pics :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:

Hy there, I am waiting for my order to arrive, then I will take time to assemble and paint everything, then I will post some picks🙂. I am gonna use mix of Russian alternative, mantic and scotia Grendel.

What about the list? What to do against skaven and idoneth?

Somebody here to help with aos match up? What tactic against skaven, etc ?

Sorry, but I don’t know the rules of AoS, so I can’t help you. Since not all CDO members have arrived in the new forum yet, it may take some time to reply.

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From what Ive gathered Magma Canons are really good and shooting as well. And thats covered in your list, so I guess it looks solid. Havent actually faced Skaven so cant say much about them, and regarding Idoneth be very aware of what turn it is. They tend to play the same game over and over with the waves…

Yes apparently idoneth are super powerfull turn3 so I better take care. What I like is that our army can deal. A lot of mortal wounds during the shooting phase so it will bypass the good armor saves. Very excited about testing it soon!

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Cool, let us know how it turns out! I haven’t played Chaos Dwarfs since the WFB-days, these days its Abyssal Dwarfs in KoW and Gloomspite Gitz in AoS. But that said, Ive been really tempted the last few weeks to start a new Chaos Dwarf army for AoS. I really hope GW will make an official release for us soon… Otherwise Ill probably go with the Russian Alternative.
So please share your thoughts here! :slight_smile:

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I haven’t played my dawi zharr in AoS yet, but I’m busy repainting and rebasing them in preperation to a narative campaign. As for how to fight skaven, its hard to say. Skaven can have multiple builds. If its skryre focussed you’ll get a lot of long/semi long ranged mortal wounds and high rend attacks. Otherwise it will be a lot of close combat


Im not sure its in the Chaos Dwarf arsenal, but some factions have weapons like flamers etc which causes a hit/wound on every model in a unit on X+. Or some Aura effects which more or less do the same, targets every models within X". That would be stuff Id try out against Skaven if available… Otherwise, block the Gnawholes and remember that you hopefully dont have to kill them all! Some Endless Spells can be used pretty effectively to block of your enemies advance etc. :slight_smile:

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I had good experiences with bigger units of Fireglaives e.g. 20.
The bull centaurs are not bad but do not get Stuck in big units.

Yes i agree, Fireglaives are very good at dealing mortals but if I were to play more, I would keep them in units of 10. More usefull for our battle trait and so. I will think about it. I will keep centaurs since I already purchase bulls from Russian alternative and they are awesome.


I’m liking the idea of utilizing Iron Golems in a Chaos Dwarf army, and it ties in with the story in the back of the Warcry anthology book. When the world opens back up, I’m going to have to see about adding my own Iron Golems. Alas, a Brush Thrall’s work is never done.