Architecture 28mm Scale Use for e.g. 15mm Miniatures

Since various smallscale ranges have entered the scene, many 28mm collectors might be wondering what they could do with 15mm models, even though they might want characterful 15mm or 10mm sculpts in their collection.

Well, for the scale puritans out there, look no further than to statuary and relief carvings upon Imperial Rome’s triumphal arches and pillars, not least Trajan’s column depicting the warlord emperor’s Dacian campaign, which inspired the French reliefs on their triumphal arch in Paris. Likewise, look at Indian temples, covered in statues. Or Inanna’s temple facade in Uruk. Statuary adorning expensive facades are an old and common trick in architecture, one which modelling hobbyists would do well to mimic in order to take their collections to the next level. One could e.g. mix flat wall reliefs with statuettes among some ostentatious building’s decorations, and maybe throw in some skulls on spikes, flayed skins and the like for a grim impression.

After all, we all want terrain to match the level of our armies, don’t we?

As a recent example, check out @Zoddtheimmortal’s altar, featuring 15mm Tjublings as animated stone golems carrying an altar made from Carcearion’s Bit Forge kits, plus a 28mm haruspex model, possibly sculpted by @Sjoerdo?

For other forms of architecture, a triumphal column could be topped with a petrified Sorcerer-Prophet, or a bull’s head, a flaming brazier or something else completely, while the pillar is covered in tjublings and 15mm miniatures of other races, and mayhap the odd self-sculpted scene if one wish. Imagine something like the following architectural ornaments, but for grimdark Chaos Dwarf monuments in their particular styles and with less flat reliefs (since tjublings are in 3D):

Or perhaps just simply votive statuettes?


Wow what a detailed post! Bet a fair bit of research went into that one. Nice :hashut:


Id say a tjubling could be used as a large banner pole top too, painted gold or something suitable


Yes @Zoddtheimmortal that would look class!

starts eyeing up the bronze prize for the next golden hat and begins plotting…