[Archive] 01 -10-2009 Token starts his Chaos Dwarves


So having come across the Indy GT Chaos Dwarf book my love for all things short, bearded and chaos was reinvigorated. Unfortunately i’d gotten rid of all my big hats (silly silly me)

So i picked up battle for skull pass and got started. Now i could’ve done the sensible thing and started with warriors, but no i looked at the “lovely” troll model and thought what am i gonna do with you - i know inferno golem.

so here he is

[attachment=1768] [attachment=1769]

heres the wip of the champion (face of hashut) and the rest of the unit

[attachment=1770] [attachment=1771] [attachment=1772]

and heres my wip of my paintpot earthshaker ( now i know i owe someone many thanks as i’m stealing there idea having seen it on this forum shomewhere - unfortunately i have absolutely no idea who it is)


My wip of my death rocket


and lastly a wip of an eruption gun unit attachement ( once again credit to someone on this forum i’m sure )


Looks like a good start! :hat off

Cool idea to convert the Troll into an inferno golem, but could you post bigger pics?!?! I cannot see the minis realy good/clear!

I´m eager to see your conversions finished and fully painted!


Kera foehunter:

What a start to a cool army nice death rockets


Great start the army Token, am loving that death rocket cant wait to see more pics :slight_smile:


Awsome start Token! really hope to see more of your army soon and I love your inferno golem it’s sweet! :hat off