[Archive] [06-05-2009] The lost dwarves of Karak Varlorn



I’ve been collecting 3rd edition Citadel and Marauder chaos dwarves for a couple of years now, mostly of e-bay, but I’ve also been lucky enough to get some models from a friends collections.  I’ve always loved the models and regretted not buying them the first time round.

I’ve decided to go with a list based on the normal dwarf book. With the uncertainty and lack of support around the current chaos dwarf list, and the fact it seems the easiest way to get all my models onto the table, I feel this is best approach.  Knowing my luck I’ll get this army finished and then they’ll announce us as the new surprise army, with massive changes, and all my work will be wasted!

I hope to add some O&G models once I’ve got the majority of the dwarves done, and the current surprise army has been unveiled. :)  


As I’m using the current dwarf rules I’m thinking the fluff around this army is that they are an old dwarven hold that has been cut off from the rest of the dwarven lands for hundreds (possibly thousands?) of years and has slowly been infiltrated/corrupted by the sly hand of chaos.  This has been a gradual process and as such they aren�?Tt fully aware that it�?Ts been happening and retain many of their old dwarven structures and approaches, but with a slight chaotic twist.


I’m planning on using my old citadel models as warriors and the marauder models as longbeards and hammerers (depending on how they are equipped).  I don�?Tt have enough old models so will be using models from twisted tales to fill out where needed.  The command groups will be made from kit bashing dwarf and chaos sprues.  

For quarallers I’ve got some citadel chaos dwarf crossbowmen and my thunderers will be made up of the blunderbuss figure from twisted tales.

I plan on using the bazooka models as bolt throwers, the mortar as a stone thrower, and two swivel guns on a single base as an organ gun.

I’m also planning on having a unit of miners, and these will be made up from the current GW plastics mixed with some heads/weapons from some chaos sprues.

Painting approach

Ok, I’m not the world�?Ts greatest painter so I will be dipping these figures.  I know a lot of people aren’t fans of this approach, and it may even be considered sacrilege on these models, but it�?Ts the approach that will give me the best results, with the added bonus of being the quickest.


A small shot of the todo pile!

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Kera foehunter:

well im not the best painter eather !! but please don’t dip !!

you can always repaint them when you get better

you can do the same effect with the new gw washes

but i still like to see your great army


The first finished unit, 10 quarrallers

Sargoth The Enslaver:

OMG SO COOL:o And I like the hole idea of slowley turning too Chaos,mabey you can start on makeing your frist gobbo slaves?:hat off


excellent collection of awesome classic chaos dwarfs. That first set of quarrelers came together quite well.


Those look pretty well painted to my unskilled eye :hat off

Kera foehunter:

nice choice of colors!!Marty they look good


I love to see other people work the 3rd edition Dwarfs of Chaos angle. They are truly the best and that’s and admirable pile to start with. Soooo jealous! :mask


Thanks for all the kind comments. :cheers

I’m currently working on a unit of warriors, I’'ve got the majority painted but need to finish the command group and get them based.

I’m hoping to get this done before the weekend, but I’m holiday from Friday so if I don’t it’ll be a few weeks before they are done!