[Archive] [08-01-2012] CD's, & monsters, & slaves! Oh, my! (Pic Heavy)


Gday everyone!   :hat :hashut :idea

So here is the start to my Chaos Dwarf army blog. I have ordered sooo much stuff off the net and still waiting on most of it to be delivered but here is the first shots from my growing army.

I was just browsing FW and found all their CD’s and started reading up on them and loving it so here we go, my rough plan for the army. (I am just a modeler and painter, no gaming)

I really like the whole idea of enslaving (almost) any other race as they mean nothing to them, so my army will be heavy with slaves and monsters and daemons that are all being bound and controlled by the dwarfs!

I was really set on doing a color scheme to represent the lava and deep underground that they are so used to, but after seeing so many great painted miniatures in that theme, I am going to go a bit off book.

I am not 100% on the decision yet but hopefully it will still fit the evil chaotic dwarf nature that we all love:cheers

I am just coming back into the modeling scene so I’m starting from scratch, so hopefully it will all be up to par with some of the AMAZING work on this site.

Without further a do, here come the pics.

(I tried 3 times to get them all to sit horizontally >.<)

Drazhoath the Ashen on Cinderbreath



Will be used as a Beast Tamer Champion or something

Hobgob Khan

Infernal Guard Command

IG with sheilds and weapons

IG with Fireglaives

Beast Wranglers

part 1 of CD transformation

part 2 of CD transformation

Hobgob riders (wolves to be replaced)


Skin Wolves

Carmine Dragon

So that’s it for now, I’ve got two night shifts to go at the moment before I can get any work done on it, but hopefully by then more will have arrived ! :smiley:

Here is a shot of it all on the workspace (Ignore the random 40k)


What are the WOC for dude


@ Copperpot, helmets and spikes mostly, but maybe just chop half the legs off and rock them as bulky CD’s


Good start there mate, your bank account must hate you now though lol :wink:

Look forward to seeing you kick off the converting/painting.

- Chico


You’ve got your work cut out for you! Better get started, there’s a lot of good stuff there!!


08-06-2012 Update 1.

So it’s been a relatively slow week, I got a few models built, all still requiring GS and basing.

Here is a few WIP shots. (sorry for the bad quality)

Skin Wolves built, awaiting more bits to make them final.

Daemonsmiths, IG Command and IG with Fireglaives built.

I forgot to take a pic when they came in but here are my mostly built Wolf Riders.

Some goodies that arrived in the mail today, I’m heaps excited to build these !!

6 Bloodcrushers to be converted to K’daai Destroyers

Going to need many more of these.

Once I man up and venture into the GS sculpting world I will take more photos with better quality!!

Still awaiting a few more parcels and then the troop building can begin.


Seems like the plain shot of the wolf riders didn’t work…but oh well you can see some on the next photo.


where are the wolves from on your hob riders?


where are the wolves from on your hob riders?

There the Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Pack figures found here


nice one, cheers! they look ace :slight_smile:


What a lot of miniatures and work to do!! Waiting for advances


Ok so it’s been ages and I have been working a lot, so not as far in as I wanted to be.

Basically just built almost everything at the moment, waiting for paints to arrive and really need to practice using GS on some old sh*t models.

Draz and Cinderbreath

Kdaai destroyers

Wolf Riders

Blorcs with 2 leaders with extra heavy weapons

Dragonslayer/beast tamers

Unit Champ

IG command, rest of the IG are soaking to get rid of the release agent.

Sorceror/prophet (weapon to be redone)

Slave master

Some normal units awaiting more chain axes

Sorry it’s so slow. Stay tuned. I wanna see lots more of everyone elses armies too :smiley:


Nice work, not too sure on the chainaxes though. The slavemaster is a nice idea :slight_smile:


Good start dude.

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re-work the chain axes into half moon toothed axes and they’ll be not too bad at all.


I love the slave master, hahaha


Thanks for comments :slight_smile:

I also happened upon an almost full half painted BFSP collection too so I am pretty stoked about all that.

Just need to do some paint removal and that will be good to start modifying.

Gonna need to plan something fun for the spiders…