[Archive] [08.24.09] - Scary Lil Men - almost 2250 made


Hey Guys!

Iv been thinking of doing a Chaos Dwarf army for a long time now. This site has inspired me to put it into action.

I will “blog” my progress for all to see.

Please feel free to make “constuctive” critisism as I go, this will only help for a better result :slight_smile:

This is my first attempt (many ideas taken from other members on this site)

Im going to have a go at making a few more heads and then cast the best of them :slight_smile:

So cheers!


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Welcome to the site Mian good to have you with us :slight_smile:

Great first go at a CD good to see you have gone wiht the big hat idea :hat your beard work is very good and the lava on the base does look like its flowing out of it which looks great. Keep the good stuff coming :slight_smile:



yea I am a hat fan :slight_smile: I would like to be able to do more modeling of the lava and tusks/noses but have trouble with green stuff that small! any suggestions?

Kera foehunter:

i hope his ale don’t run out!! cool figure !!


Wellcome to the site Mian:cheers! Yor dwarf is indeed a Dawi Zharr, no doubt about it. If you wanna sculpt tusks and hooked noses however i suggest you to roll very small sausages of greenstuff, and pply first the lips, the nose, moustaches and finally the tusks. At these dimension (tiny, small sticky teeth) I suggest you to use a toothpick! That’s the way I do it at last:P.

Check Tjub’s bull centaur tutorial on WoH#5 or the on of Abyss in WoH#1… These could be really helping!

Keep on working on these fellas man, and present us a unit soon!:smiley:


Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: il give it a go! having touble getting the WoH issues at the moment :S



My advice for the moment is to not greenstuff the lava down the sides of the base.  Check out ishkur’s thread for how to paint that effect.

Also I’d clean the mould lines off.

I always like seeing beer themed CD! :cheers



anyone know why I keep getting 404 errors when trying to get the WoH issues?? I wold really like them!


Sorry for the lack of work!

here is an update

This is the evolution of my dark land bases. …what do you guys think??

Comming very soon the first unit… some black orks on these bases. I have been waiting for some casting materials to turn up and also decided to do masks… but getting hold of those maruader shoulder pads is hard work!!!


Great looking bases the lava effect looks really good, also looking forward to seeing your black orcs

Kera foehunter:

great baces love the lava bubbles

Pyro Stick:

Those bases are excellent. Although the base on the left looks a bit like sewage is pumping up from the ground instead of lava. Or have you not finished painting that one yet?


Sorry I should have explained it a bit better.

the one on the left is my first attempt, the middle one my second attempt.

The one on the right is the version I will be using :slight_smile:


So here they are :slight_smile:

Basic paint job i know, but i tryed out doing some rust/wear and tear on them but it just looking to messy. If you guys have any ideas please let me know!!!

I was going to model ball and chains on them but im not sure there is room, maybe do it for a couple of them??? again what do you think? My other idea was to model a Chaos Dwarf with a whip and put him at the back :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

…why arnt they black i hear you ask??? …because they have spent so long locked up away from the sun :stuck_out_tongue:


Great work on the black orcs and the bases they really look great and work well together, i like the standard and the lava effect rune of Hashut


Cool! I love the colors on them!

Kera foehunter:

damn the unholy !! throws are some cool black orc nice paint job

Da Crusha:

very cool black orc unit! I would like mine to look like that. mine are still grey though. nice lava!
what did you use on the black armor? is it just black with the the flash highlighting it or did you add some silver in there? also what did you use to paint the axes looks like tinbitz on top and I can’t tell how the blade is done.


Its a really basic paint job really! yea just chaos black for the armor, but there are hints of bolt gun in there too from my failed attempts at wear and tear. the weapons are tin bits, bolt gun and then washed with devilin mud. iv now highlighted some of the armor edges with fortress grey - but not in these pics.


Love the black armour on the Orcs.

The bases are really nicely done as well.