[Archive] [09-19-2009] Hastein's Chaos Dwarfs


Hail sons of darkness ! So it is now time for me to join the good side of the forge (ho ho ho :slight_smile: ) ! I never really like the CD, I always thought they were weird with their big hat even if I liked the mesopotamian style. And with time I star to like them (thanks to this great site too !), so I must please Hashut from now on. I finish my lord, a sorcerer and a dwarf hero I will use as Rykarth since I’ll use ironbreakers as obsidian guards.

I’ll try to make some good CD bear, but I’m not really statisfied from now with my bear, si I’ll keep them as they are until I’m good enough to change them. So here are some pictures for you brothers ! :hat

My good old lord



First try to make a mask that I’ll certainly use for my Annihilators


some nice start hastein

rykarths face paint reminde me in the comic character lobo


What a great way to start an army blog, with what i think is the best classic bighat model of them all :slight_smile:

Great work on all of the models Hastein, i like the stone sort of skin tone that you have used on the big hat will look really good when the whole are is done in this way :slight_smile:


Well thanks guys. I like druegar so I wanted to make a real difference with the so called dwarfs, so that none tell my that my dwarfs are weird or something… I’m working on my warriors and annihilators. Should have finish tonight for them. Can’ wait to have my Zargod ! :smiley:

This is madness ! :o

No ! This is Hashut ! :mad


Ok I finished to update my warriors as chao dwarfs so here they are !

Closer look on the champion and the standard bearer.

Now the two squad command of my blunderbuss, I decided to make them mask to make a difference between troopers and them.

So here is the first one and a closer look for everyone.

The second command squad.

I’m still working to transform my dwarfs in blunderbuss it should be done within 2 or 3 days. See ya ! :hat off

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Great work! Can’t wait to see what you have in mind for the Blunderbuss crew!


These look interesting but you need to get more light on them.