[Archive] [1-15-09] Skyefire's Army w/ new update finally ^^;


Been too busy to be really active with much online because of school…

Anyway… Today I finally got the last few things I needed to start converting!

So, I started chopping my first guy up, and finished with something that I don’t think is too horrible for my first try at anything like this…and then I found out that I had lost my glue…

After searching all over the house and in the car I just chopped up parts for two more guys and called it a day. I was sad…


Today’s progress:

3/20 Warriors are all ready to glue and greenstuff.

Not really much…but I think they will not turn out too bad.

Pictures and another update once I find glue!

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Kera foehunter:

well i like the words ,first and chopping and glue and green stuff !!

sounds like angle singing in the back ground too !!

im glade you let us know, that your on the way to being a great converter

skyefire great job !!!


Well some parts of it felt like ‘let’s cut here and hope it works’ since I wasn’t 100% sure what to do…but all those cuts were all great and not big screw ups, so, that’s good?

I’m working off a very small collection of bits traded for from a friend that ended up being just barely enough to work on all the guys I have now, so I have room for few mistakes (and I already made one that I hope I have another part to redo…) But even with that I think I should do a decent job.

And, first post I forgot to mention for now the one big goal is to have 2250pts all converted and primed at least for later in November when I can get in on some tournaments around here. And another minor goal of building some boltthrowers so I don’t forget to do that.


Ambitious mate, by the end of november! :cheers

Be sure to post pics when you got some stuff finished.


Once I find my glue or buy some more I’ll finish and get pictures, of course.


Today I finished converting 5 warriors so pretty pictures will be up tomorrow since they’re at the house that doesn’t have internet… might have more done then, too.

I just hope they don’t look horrible…


Here are pictures of the first 5!

Sorry the second picture is blurry…

I don’t think they’re too bad for being my first try at anything like this…?

The one on the far right is my favorite and the first one I finished but I do like how the one with the Chaos helmet turned out too since he was a bit different to do and I wasn’t sure how he would come out.

I didn’t have enough bits for all masks or all helmets so I’m going to have a mix, maybe throw in some big hats if I find materials for them.

I might finish some more tonight but if I do pictures won’t be up til tomorrow at the earliest.

I guess the main goal for this week is to finish all the dwarfs (20 warriors, 10 blunderbuss, Sorcerer, Hero, and Death Rocket crew) since I should have everything I need for them and don’t really have bits for hobgoblins yet. Sub goals being get money for another BFSP box and to start building boltthrowers and getting the cannon I have converted so it can be either an earthshaker or death rocket if that’s possible.

Kera foehunter:

those are great for the first time !!!


Thanks! I just started converting one of the miners and already I think he looks better than the first five.

Working as I type…I think I’m done with his armor already…I just need to remove and redo his beard but I might wait to do that til I finish the other 4 so I can figure out exactly how I am going to do that…

But it looks like I will have 5 more warriors ready to go by the end of the night… I kinda wish I brought more to work on…

I do have a webcam here so I will get pictures up too.

Edit: Or not, webcam isn’t cooperating, pictures tomorrow though.


If you dont mind I’d like to give you some suggestions.

First, your GS looks too soft, why do not use more blue part? It will become harder and you can get sharper edges.

Second, I think you used too much GS for the scales, they look blown up! Try to make thin layers and shape them like scales, it will be better.

Keep on! :hat off


Suggestions are always nice.

I didn’t use more blue because I’m a newbie and I don’t know better, the big scales are part because I think they look cool and more like ‘heavy’ armor and part because I lack the skill/patience to make tiny little scales… I guess I’ll work on that.


Here’s the next batch:

Picture is kinda cr*ppy but I don’t have time to get a better one right now. Sorry.

I guess I should try smaller scales…but…I think I’m going to end up finishing these with big ones and trying to get them to look better, and then going for smaller scales on the next unit…

I dunno.

These guys still need shields and beards, if I redo the beards… still undecided.

Kera foehunter:

aw it not that bad skyefire !! hey we all have are set backs but the great thing is that you  are trying things you will get better !! keep these figures  and go back to them in 6 months and see how much better you are !!

remember to have fun !!


I hope I do get better…heh.

Today I started the command for the unit, but, I misplaced what I was using to make the beards, so I just did armor for them and two others and changed the banner. Hopefully I will find it tomorrow and I will finish off the unit. From there… I will either do blunderbussers or hobgoblins or build boltthrowers.

So…I guess working on warmachines wins and will be next.



I probably did not put very well. I like big and large scales, what I would like to say is that they are too thick.

Imagine the section:

they should look like

but yours looklike




Now that are hardened use cutter to cut the ) part to shape them more \

if you could understand me. Sorry for my cr*p English :slight_smile:

Bassman :hat


Ooooh, I gotcha. I think the early ones do look a bit like that so I’ll do a check of em. The later ones I think I got a little better grasp on the technique :3

News for today:

Boltthrowers got started and are at least done enough to play with. They could look a little nicer and I need to convert the crews…

The warrior unit is done except 4 of them, and they’ve had some compliments, so, yay!

Also today, I got to play my first game~

1250pts, ended with a draw, but I think I got a better understanding of how to win, now…so…hopefully that will help me in the future.

Remaining stuff to work on:

Blunderbussers need armor. 4 Warriors need to be finished. Boltthrowers probably need a little touching up, and then all the hobgoblins need converting. But, then I’m done with this box and can get another and work on that… ~22 days left to get all that done. So, money to get the box feels like the only issue. Hopefully I can get more games in before then too.


Good start but a bit less greeenstuff and they will look a lot better as mentioned. Your army is very similar to mine so take a look at my blog to get some pointers.


Got a buncha work done last night, but still no chance for pictures :confused:

4 Boltthrowers pretty much done, crew needs a little work, spears just need to be taken off gobbos and put onto throwers

Deathrocket is done and I really like how it turned out!

Unit of 20 warriors is done.

Unit of 25 hobgoblins done.

So that leaves 10 blunderbussers and 10 spider riders, and sorcerer and hero. Hobgoblin hero might need a little work.

And after I finish all that, first box is done and I have my 1250pt army. I’m finishing everything by Thursday night so that Friday I will have all my stuff converted for games over the weekend! Hopefully I’ll get paid soon so I can buy the next box and get that done so that I can have 2250pts.


Another little update without pictures, I’m going to get to play a game today so maybe after that I’ll be able to get some up.

Everything from BFSP box #1 is converted, except the spider riders now, and I’ve been told to convert them to fit the army more for the tournament, so, looking for any thoughts on hobbos riding demon powered mechanical mounts.


count as wolf riders ?


Yeah, for counts as, but to keep people from going ‘omg spiders!’

I was thinking of throwing a smokestack kinda thing and some other stuff on the back and then changing the head… I dunno if I’m going to do that or try and get some wolves…

Today I got another BFSP box and a box of thunderers so…lots more stuff to work on and two weeks left. Also got in two games going 1-1. Fun stuff~