[Archive] [10-10-07] McNs' first CD Warriors/Blunderbussers



�� Well, I was hoping to post pictures tonight, but I can’t find the USB cable that connects my camera to my PC and I’m pluck tired of looking for it.��Pics will be forthcoming to demonstrate progress.

�� Anyhow, I’m starting with the [[BfSP]] dwarves to make 12 warriors/10 Blunderbusters plus a Sorceror out of the the Thane.��I’m keeping it straight/simple and following Xander’s video for CD warriors as best I can.��However, rather than use the Mask method, I’m attempting big hats and tusks.

����So far (pics would have been helpful here), I found that the clean-up portion of the process is a snap.��I found the sweet-spot between too much and not enough green stuff for the scale male, but my first sample is a little rough.��I’m going to make the hat in two steps: building the hat structure and then the embellishments in a separate step.��I tried to rush and do the beard directly after doing the scale male and hat.��This was a bad idea: I had to redo lots of the scale mail due to mishandling the model (its right where I wanna put my fingers!!) and my green stuff started drying on me and getting extra tacky.��The beard on my prototype is a little shaky, but I made the best of it and I’m happy with my first model.��I added a fang, which I’m a little “meh” on.��I want to embellish his lower jaw a bit more to see if I like the look. I’m also going to enlarge his nose in the next step.

���� Instead of using Marauder arms, I’m going to use the original arm, but pin it at an angle more like the 4th ed plastic CD warriors.��Also, I’m going to cut the axe’s rune off and attempt to GS the Hashut rune on it.��Failing that, I’ll go for something easy like a skull or a “chaosy” arrow.

���� Again, I apologize for the lack of pics.��I will update this ASAP as I’m having great fun doing it and I’d love some C&C on my greenstuff work (this is my first non-gap filling project with it).


- McNs


We’ll be here waiting to comment. Now get cracking!


OK, so its official: I suck at taking pictures. I have one good one of step 2 of my process, but I’m going to try to borrow the g/f’s camera next time I need to take pics of these. Anyhow…

I fleshed out the hat structure a bit more; next time I think I’ll try getting this shape in one step. I also added a nose and GS’ed together a shoulder for the warrior’s axe arm. Here’s a pic of the WIP

I need to detail the hat a little more: this will probably be very basic chaos arrows. I need to add a spike on his hat, some more detail to his jaw, and a second fang sticking up from behind his shield. After that, paint and repeat 19 times for the unit.

I found that I’m not quite good enough to GS the Hashut rune yet; the next batch I might try a skull or maybe a bull’s head for the axe detail.

In terms of setting up a batch process, here’s my tentative steps:

Step 1: Cut and clean

Step 2: Scale mail and beard,

Step 3: Hat structures, shoulder

Step 4: Hat detail, nose, and fangs

Anyhow, more to come on CD warrior #1 tomorrow.

- McNs

PS - I just picked up the 4th ed Army Book and a Death Rocket; look for the rocket crew to be painted up and posted shortly


Biggest thing is a camera with a macro lense and/or zoom capability. Also proper lighting is important.

Hard to tell but looks good so far. We need better pictures and our resident tall hat expert… Tall Hat to critique.


Finished up CD number one; pics to come when I have a better picture taking rig (hopefully by Wednesday).

Biggest thing I’ve had difficult on is the face, but its coming together. Any advice on tricks to modeling a CD face from the [[BfSP]] dwarves and/or advice on how to add hat detail would be much apprciated.

- McNs