[Archive] 10 man Infernal squads


Hello everyone! Now, does anyone else use 10 man Infernal squads? I need some tactics on using them.



Well they’re not going to be combat effective without ranks at that size and are unlikely to get in for flanking easily. Blunderbussers would be inefficient as you’re not gettin to bonuses for 10+ or 20+ models so fireglaives seem to be the only type really worth it used to guard flanks or something.

Then again if you regularily play with a lot of scenery and buildings they could be good road blocks or other scenarios their could be use like the one where it’s good to have more standard bearers.


Need to be bigger imo. 10man units of 12pt (minimum) troops who are M3 and not stubborn sound like free VPs to me.


I have used a 10 man squad with Great weapons a couple of times.

Reason is because I have the unit painted up different from the rest and they have their own movement tray.

They’ve done pretty well actually, just keep them away from anything with lots of combat res or that’s choppy.

They’re great for blocking off fast cav or protecting warmachines. Against the choppy stuff, you can use the guys to block them off at wierd angles as it’s unlikely to lose all 10 in 1 round of combat. If i’m doing this, unless it’s a flank charge I won’t charge, just move them up in front at an annoying angle so the enemy has to connect if it wants to go forwards.

Also, the extra drop in an ‘elite’ army like Chaos Dwarfs is handy.


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