[Archive] 100% GW Plastics "Death Rocket"!


Here is my Death Rocket made 100% from GW Plastic bitz (well, except for the Rocket itself)… Imagine… if GW released a plastic bitz pack with these bitz with assembly instructions to build this, we’d have a CD Death Rocket release! :wink:

Anyway, here’s the dealy, then I’ll tell you how to make and order one!   This model is almost finished, it just needs some gap filling to connect the wheel barbs…

by the way, that is not the actual crewmen I’m using… They don’t have beards yet, and my Death Rocket crewmen will only have 1 guy with a wrench (here you see 2)… this is really 2 crewmen (1 from THIS death rocket, and 1 from my 2nd Death Rocket)… The other crewman will be holding a whip or hammer or flail (in case the bound daemon gets out of line).

1) OK, to ORDER this baby! go to www.thewarstore.com

2) go to “Battlewagon Bitz”, then “Warhammer 40k Bitz”, “Chaos Space Marine Bitz”, then “Chaos Defiler Bitz”…

3) order this peice:

4) in the Chaos Space Marine Bitz section, go to “Chaos Vehicle Bitz” and find some spikey bitz, nobs, and hooks to put on the back section of your death rocket cannon.

5) then you’re gonna need some wheels… I used Tomb Kings Chariot wheels for mine.

6) then you need some kind of spikey mace ball barbs… I used Skaven Plaguemonk Plague-censer ball barbs for mine.

7) then you’re going to need a rocket to place inside. Mine comes from an old aircraft model I bought as a kid (check some model/crafts/hobby stores and look for a jet with the right size of rockets/missles)

8) assemble them as seen in the first pics… for the wheel barbs, cut them off their stick/chain and pin them to the wheel center.

9) fill gaps with green stuff

10) build a crew out of plastic dwarf bodies and whatever other bitz you normally use… the dwarf miners sprue comes with several “wrenches” and other tools… the dwarf warrior sprue comes with hammers… I use any over-sized skull bitz for head-masks/helms (glueing and greenstuffing them to the front of a the dwarf’s helmet).

EDIT: I forgot to mention the bi-pod legs at the bottom of the cannon. They are from the dwarf miners box set (they are originally from the big drills in the miner box). You’ll need these legs/stands to prop up the rocket into the air. Otherwise your cannon’s barrel tube will be laying on the ground.


Kera foehunter:

Thanks che!! i like how you give us the parts and show how to build it

it look great !! i wish we had more threads like this

it simple and anyone can do this



That looks really good. I agree with Kera, the instructions are a good idea as well.


Model - looks great - plus excellent instructions on both how to get the parts and how to create it from it - well done


wtf, thats evil genius, have some slaves !

the model looks awesome, the defiler pieces fit perfectly.

Just one side notice, for the non american people it might be cheaper to order from either one of these two sites:

http://www.bitzbox.co.uk (though they are out of stock since I just ordered two of these beauties)

http://www.battlewagonbits.co.uk (did not check the bits there)

Edit: changed the first link to target the right website!


This is sweet! A tutorial is a must!

I really like it, it’s very sick and twisted in a very amusing way.


oops, there is one peice I forgot to mention. That is the bi-pod legs/stand at the bottom of the rocket cannon. you might need to have some of those, several of them come with the plastic dwarf miners box (they are for the big drills that comes in the miners box).

so.sad, please show us your re-creations as soon as they’re done!


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks fantastic Che and thanX for the instructions on how to make it!


so.sad, please show us your re-creations as soon as they're done!

will do, as soon as the bits do arrive here :)

Kera foehunter:

so what will your next project be che ??

of course we would like to see more