[Archive] 100 points of Chaos


My local GW is going to be running a one day mini campaign titled �?oRegiments of Renown�?� which has some quite fun looking rules.

100 points

3 models minimum 20 max, no minimum unit size.

No unit upgrades other than EHW or shields

No models with more than 3 wounds

Minimum 25points core

Max 50points special

Max25points rare

Max 25% of models may have ranged weapons

No magic, no heroes/lords

1 model max that can fly

No ethereal models/units

No magic (so no Tzeentch Horrors casting spells or those new Dark Elf warlock thingies)

Nominate 1 model as a leader who may have one magic item from the main rule book up to 20pts for free.

GW Armies only (No Warhammer Forge units)

As this effectively disallows my Chaos Dwarfs I thought I�?Td go plain old Chaos.

My first thoughts

1 Chosen HWS (20pts) leader with Sword of Might

2 Warriors EHW (32pts)

2 Warhounds (12pts)

1 Troll (35pts)


Any thoughts out there?




My local shop ran the RoR deal this last week instead. I really wasn’t feeling it. Id prefer just to play Mordheim or Necromunda. I got there to see some of the fellas and watch 1-2 turns. I saw many questions come up right out of the gate. Questions were about Overrun, Parry saves, how Shooting works, and Break tests.

With reguard to Warriors of Chaos I had considered picking the book up just in case I was not allowed to run my CD. I figgured in a worst case scenerio I could stick some magnets on to some 25mm bases and then mgnitize my 20mms to them. That way I can still run my CDs when possible and if not then they can be “counts as” WoC.


GW Armies only (No Warhammer Forge units)

Sheesh, that's a pity!! I guess this means no Hobgoblins either, while there are no Warhammer Forge models for these, the rules are from Tamurkhan... it could have been good fun to have a Hobgoblin RoR!


If Warhammer Forge had been allowed then my first pick would have been a Bull Centaur Render with a shield and then fill up with infernal guard.


I wonder about Ravening Hordes then? That’s out-dated, but hasn’t been replaced, so there’s lots of goodies there, and it’s from GW-proper, not FW/WF


I would so something similiar …

Chosen woc - hw & shield

Sword of battle or something like u had

-18 pts

3 warhounds

-18 pts

2 marauder horsemen

-26 pts

1 troll

-35 pts

Total- 97 pts


This use to be called skirmish rules by GW it had its own rules in the 6th edition rule book. Later they released in White Dwarf a campaign book series called the “The Rise of Chaos” I believe. It had charts to allow favors (mutations, marks, weapons) for your warbands. It was fun back in the days and a great way to paint armies by increasing the points of the army by 100 pts a week. At every 500 point mark you have a tournament and at the end at 2500 points you have a grand battle involving all armies each side being evenly determined by they score from the past weeks so the sided are evenly matched.


Gashnag, I still have those supplements in a box in the garage. Last weekend we did a 40K bike race based on the old chariot races rules published in an old white dwarf. It was great fun.

I think that the manager decided to do this RoR thing because they did a 40K kill team event a couple of weekends ago and everyone had a great time so a WFB version seemed the next step.

Xx9millxX, Unfortunately I don�?Tt have any marauder horsemen but I did toy with putting a knight in instead of a troll.




The busted winner of the event was 3 Ogre bulls, 2nd was a wood elf write up.