[Archive] 1000 p army list

Golder Goldeater:

First of all hi I am new here :cheers Long live the dawi zhar etc etc.
I would like to post my army list so that you can tell me what you think. Well… Here we go!


hero 94p
GW,armour of gazrakh

level 2 sorcerer 100p

20 warriors 205p
Full Command

20 hobgoblins 40p

15 blunderbusses 180p

14 blunderbusses 168p


2x earthsakers 220p


Well firepower is the way to go and with these blunderbusses who could resist!Please tell me what you think!

Deployment: Chaos dwarf warriors in the middle, with a unit of blunderbusses covering each flank .
The earth shakers are deployed somewhere safe( behind the unit, on top of a hill etc.) The hobbos are placed in front of the force to protect them from firepower.When the enemy charges the hobbos they will retreat and give the chance to the chaos dwarfs to blast them and charge 'em.
But I am afraid that the hobbos won’t be too many to last for long :frowning:


Hey Golder Goldeater… you wouldn’t happen to be the Goldo from Bugmans online by any chance?

If you are I’d just like to say I’m looking forward to seeing some of your creative magic over here too.

Sorry I can’t give you much advice on your army list (as I have not yet got enough troops to play mordheim let alone a full on game).

If anything I’d try and fit a couple of units of hobgoblins with bows in there to give you a couple of shield units and range. Shield the blunderbuss units until the enemy close a little perhaps.

I reckon one of the long time CDO crew will be in here soon enough to sort you out.

Oh yeah, and welcome to the CDO (Me being new as well makes it somewhat strange to say mind you! he he).:cheers


Welcome to the site Golder Goldeater, good to have you with us, good looking army list only problem is the sorcerer cant take that armour, i think it says in the description under the hero section that it is not aloud, i might be wrong as i don�?Tt have the army list in front of me but if memory severs right i think that is the case.

Other than that i like the idea of 2 earth shakers very cool :smiley:


Looking good.
I field my blunderbusses the same way they are brutal on large units of high elves, handy thing to to do is give them a musician so they can move reform and still shoot(if they pass a LD test.)
You may benefit from adding some hobgoblins for cannon fodder or support.

A sorcerer only has a hand weapon and is not allowed further equipment. e.g mundane or magical armour.

Golder Goldeater:

Hey Golder Goldeater.... you wouldn't happen to be the Goldo from Bugmans online by any chance?

Yep I am Goldo!
If you are I'd just like to say I'm looking forward to seeing some of your creative magic over here too.

OOOOH! That's so nice! Thank you pal!:cheers

PS: You guys are right . The sorcerer can't have any extra armor :(
Well I'll see what I can do.

Golder Goldeater:

EDIT: I changed it from a 900p list to a 1000p list. I hope i get your approval oh wise generals! :wink:

PS; And yes! I had to include the armour of gazrakh! :stuck_out_tongue: