[Archive] 1000 Point limited model army


Hey all

I’m having my first Legion of Azgorh army game tomorrow night but I’m limited on the models I have! So any help making a legalish(It’s only a friendly) 1000 point army would be much apreciated.

Models I have available:


Sorcerer prophet on foot

castellan on foot

Hobgoblin Khan on wolf

x12 handweapon/shield infernal guard/ironsworn

x40 (hob)goblins with bows

x10 (hob)goblin wolf riders

I was thinking along the lines of:

prophet on foot




20 hobgobs bows + command

20 hobgobs bows + command

12 ironsworn with magic banner

5 wolf riders

5 wolf riders

This is pretty much my only option i think just need heklp with magic items to flesh out the points.


Just a little bump as I’m playing tonight!

I’m thinking of giving the ironsworn the banner of slavery and bringing them up in the center with the castellan and demonsmith. Keeping the hobgob cutthroats on either side and the wolf riders on the flanks to hopefully flank or rear charge. The banner of slavery and stubborn castellan should negate the need for a BSB.

The Prophet would then hide behind the ironswon hoping for ash cloud or something decent to take out nasties and help the ironsworn. The Khan would be a suicide rocket aiming for an enemy hero level caster.

I’ll probably hang back and volley fire the hobgob bows and hope to dominate the magic phase with the two mages.


So I played my battle last night against bretonians using the following list:

Demonsmith Lv 2 Metal

castellan shield

Khan wolf spear light armour

20 hobgoblins bows fc

20 hobgoblins bows fc

13 Ironsworn fc banner of slavery

5 wolf riders spears fc

5 wolf riders spears fc

enemy was roughly:

General with 8 Knight and errantry banner

paladin BSB with 5 knights

level 1 mage

29 halberd men at arms

10 archers


The plan was for the stubborn ironsworn unit to hold the center with hobgoblins either side to help with ranks and a little shooting and diversions.

I had the first turn as bretonians prayed so I held my line only bringing a unit of wolf riders on to a hill ready for flanking and sent the khan off ready to snipe the enemy mage. not in range for magic (I had a augment spell number 2 and direct damage spell 4 in metal)or shooting.

The Bretonian general’s knight bus charge my khan and made short work of him but it did put his knights in nice range for my demonsmith. enemy magic was mostly dispelled all game and they had only flesh to stone. shooting did very little all game generally scattering away.

By the second turn after some attempted feigned flights from the wolf riders both knight units dual charged my ironsworn and promptly challenged my demonsmith and castellan and killed them with ease! fortunately the rest of the knights did very little and i got enough kills back (only needing 3’s to hit and 2’s to wound!) to only lose by one point and held the line!

my third turn i flanked the 2 knight units with my hobgobs both about 15 strong after a few shooting losses. I also placed my wolf riders that were left to block the peasants from charging in.

I won the combat by 7 with the static bonus from hobgobs charging in really helping but unfortunately they held!

The rest of the game was only really combat the peasants managed to join the combat and nearly all the hobgoblins were killed but many knight were also being killed working out roughly even until turn 6 (still having 10 ironsworn!)when I killed his general and it’s unit off leaving only 6 knights left! But I lost the combat by 4 and failed my leadershit test giving the bretonnians victory.

A close call! It showed me how tough and powerful Ironsworn really are! and how hobgoblins can really help! I think if it wasn’t for a couple of mistakes, namely letting the peasants join the combat and putting my mage in the ironsworn to get killed, I would have been in good stead for a win! You don’t need warmachines in a chaos dwarf army!