[Archive] 1000 point list starting gaming at game store


Right I am starting to play games now and at the moment 1000 points is all they are playing at the moment. so i just want to know what you think of the list:

deamonsmith lvl2 dispell scroll

infernal castalan bsb

36 infernal guard sword a board full command and the standard of discipline

2 magma cannons

any feed back welcome, but please leave your changes models are not a problem. cheers.


Your list is illegal, eith too many points in heroes. And 36 seems like a lot in one regiment, as they can still run away being stubborn.

Here’s an alternstive list to start you out. If you plan on going forge world this is a good starting point. At 1000p this list brings a lot of punch! Daemonsmith grants re-roll to machines and hide with fireglaives, naptha bombs let freglaives stand and shoot at half range, castellan makes the hw/s unit stubborn, they’ll hold off attackers.

Dispel scroll can be droped to give heroes GW and betters saves.

Making a legal 500 point list is hard, due to expensive units and the minimum 3 units rule. But if that’s what budget allows go:
daemonsmith, 10 hw/s IG, 10 fireglaive IG, 1 death shrieker.

Welcome to the dark side.

1000pt Legion of Azgorh Roster

+ Heroes +

    * Daemonsmith Sorcerer
        Dispell Scroll, Lore of Fire (always fireball)

    * Infernal Castellan
        Battle Standard Bearer (25pts)

+ Core +

    * Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard
        20x Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard (240pts), Deathmask (12pts), Musician (10pts)
        * Standard Bearer
            Razor Standard

    * Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard
        * 10x Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard (170pts)
            10x Fireglave (50pts)
        * Deathmask (17pts)
            Naptha Bombs (5pts)

+ Special +

    * Deathshrieker Rocket (100pts)

    * Magma Cannon (145pts)

Any questions to my choices please ask. This list is also fairly  nice to paint. Painting 36 IG with hw/s will make you sick.

Welcome to CDO.


What Bloodbeard said :slight_smile:

You could also consider bringing the Chalice of Blood and Darkness, magical dominance at 1000 points is scary!

Welcome to CDO.


IG units between 25-30 are the best size anything over is unnecessary.

Id take a hell cannon and a rocket over the magma cannons since high armor and high toughness things will really ruin your day and the hell cannon can deal a high amount of damage to 20mm infantry and even ogres.


Ok how about this:

Daemonsmith lvl2

infernal casterlan

hell cannon

death shirker

34 full command infernal guard with standard of discipline


I would play this at the 1000pt level.

1 Lvl 2 Fire

Castellen with Enchanted shield for a 2+ armor save.

22 Infernal Guard with Banner+musician (sorcerer+castellen in unit)

3 Bullcentaur renders with Greatweapons Champion+Musician

1 Rocket

1 Hellcannon

Use Hammer+Anvil tactics with the Infernal Guard and Bullcentaurs.

Remember at that point level with a Hellcannon and rocket your soliders are just their to perform mop up duty.