[Archive] 1000 Point Tourney List

The Flying Beaver:

Hey guys, I’m playing in a 1000 point tournament today. Here’s my list:

Haavrakh- Chaos Dwarf Hero

-Great Weapon, Armour of Gazrakh

Total= 94 points

Zharbok- Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

-Level 2 wizard, 2 Dispel Scrolls

Total= 150 points

The Immortals- 19 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

-Great weapons, command

Total= 239 points

15 Chaos Dwarf Warriors


Total= 180 points

20 Hobgoblins

Total= 40 points

20 Hobgoblins

Total= 40 points

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

Total= 30 points

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

Total= 30 points

Death Rocket

Total= 80 points


Total= 110 points

Grand Total= 993 points

Power Dice- 4

Dispel Dice- 3 (+2 Scrolls)

# of models- 89



well io dont think you will be casting spells on 4 dice… so i’d drop a level on the sorceror…

i think the immortals could do better with bigger numbers so drop the Gws for that…

and the DR will not make its points back at 1K… too few models for it to scatter onto…

points saved could get a decent block of Orc boyz or sneaky gitz…

and bring those CD warriors up to 25 US…

The Flying Beaver:

I don’t have the models for more warriors right now, but I could drop the rocket and the magic level and use the points for 20 sneaky gits with champion and standard. Thoughts?


yeah… i would do that…

The Flying Beaver:

Awesome. Thanks metro.


How did the tourney go TFB.