[Archive] 1000 points all comers


We have a one day tournament coming up in the next couple of weeks and I�?Tll be taking my Chaos Dwarfs. My first thought was to take the 1000pts list from the campaign that�?Ts just finished but if any one has any further thoughts then I�?Td be interested to hear them.

Daemonsmith Lvl2 (death)

Dark Castellan (Shield, Dragon Helm)

15 IG Full Command

10 Fireglaves

Magma Cannon

3 Bull Centaurs Full command shields

Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders spears

I know that there�?Tll be at least one high elf player using the new book and he�?Ts been researching all sorts of nasty combinations (including the Banner of the World Dragon) as well as Ogres, skaven and Lizzies.