[Archive] 1000 Points chaos dwarfs(1)

hat fanatic:

Well this is my first army list that I am working on i don’t want to have big blocks of hobgoblins either.


chaos dwarf hero

armor of Gazrakh

Great weapon



20 chaos dwarf warriors

full command


15 chaos dwarf Blunderbusses



10 black orcs

full command


2 hobgoblins bolt throwers



6 bull centaurs

full command

heavy armor




This comes to a total of 993 points

I’d like a bit of feedback on what to change as well thanks.


You could drop a warrior so the hero fits in ,but the glaring problem? are the black orcs very expensive for a small battle they may animosity all game .They have full comm so easy victory points for your enemy if big uns and without comm they could be more useful IMO.:hat


Black orc’s don’t have animosity now onto the list drop the bull centaurs they are to small to take any damage and will look like pin cushions after a couple of turns scrap the musician and one warrior from the unit of twenty.

Musicians are just not worth it and 10 points each with those points get.

Twenty naked hobgoblins great for screening.

Ten warriors with great weapons they are worth every point in small sized battles.

Two more bolt throwers (not if this list is for friendly then ten orcs with shields.


Well firstly, your list is illegal- you can’t have 2 rare choices- so you’ll have to choose between the bulls or the earthshaker.

I think 3 pieces of artillery is enough for a 1,000pts.

The Black orcs are overpriced, but if you’re just making use of what models you have then fair enough.

I would invest in some basic hobgoblins to distract the enemy and protect your war machines.

Hope this helps, good luck gamin’

Uzkul Werit:

If you are after a purely Chaos Dwarf list, then do just that. Drop the command on the Black Orcs (who might be useful but they’ll die quickly and give an extra 100VP into the bargain) and those Bull Centaurs. Use the points for more Chaos Dwarfs, a Death Rocket or a combination of both.

hat fanatic:

ok well i realized that this list was illegal :P. So i am going to take out the bull centaurs and game a bit with some friend to try out some alternate lists. yeah i may have to take the 10 warriors with great weapons and no i am not going for 4 bolt throwers a bit cheesy for me :slight_smile: i will post the army list that works best when i have played and yeah i am just trying to use what I have.

thanks for the help.