[Archive] 1000 points Chaos Dwarves


Well to start out my army I figured I should make a 1k list out of the 2 bfsp I have, and so here it is

Torh’zak the Slaver (Hero): 94 pts
–Great Weapon
–Armor of Gazrakh

This is the idea that hatched inside my mind for my leader at this points level, and it turns out that after reading some CD stuff many people also use this setup!

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer: 115 pts
–2 Dispel Scrolls

Changed to dispel scrolls from ubertechie’s advice

Chaos Dwarf Warriors (24): 296 pts
–Full Command
–Standard Bearer w/ Banner of Slavery

I bought two bfsp, and have 24 warriors. I didn’t think units of less would be very useful, and to anchor my line off I gave them the banner of slavery.

Chaos Dwarf Blunderbussers (14): 178 pts

Sorcerer goes here, Also added a standard from ubertechie’s advice.

Hobgoblins (20): 40 pts
Hobgoblins (20): 40 pts
Hobgoblins (20): 40 pts
Hobgoblins (10): 20 pts
Hobgoblins (10): 20 pts

Nice cheap sacrificial units.

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower (2): 60 pts

Nice bolt throwers.

Death Rocket: 80 pts

Converting this from the dwarf cannon and pony cart.

Earthshaker: 110 pts

A nice earthshaker, now only if I knew how to make it…

Points Total: 993

End Comments

Well, that is what I came up with, C&C wanted. (I have 7 points left, anywhere particular I should spend them on?)



hi there,

This is a good stab at a 1000 point list - my only changes would be as follows

1: Add a standard to the Blunderbus Unit, this gives them a static res of 3 minimum. And allows them to act as effectivley medium infantry - they can easily take a charge from many units as the unit will be heavily depleted having had probably at least 2 rounds of blunderbuss shooting to deal with - for 10 points i cannot think of a good reason to not add it.

2: I would take a pair of dispel scrolls instead of the chalice - that way you can pretty much allways stop the ‘killer’ spell you need to

3: I personally take units of 20 hobgoblins rather than 25 and you could almost squeeze in 4 units of 20 (especially if you drop 1 blunderbuss and stick the sorcerer in the unit to take up the empty space)

hope that helps


Alright, I changed it to ubertechie’s advice, does it look relatively solid now?

Any more changes?

Border Reiver:

The list does look really solid, the only suggestion that I have might be to break one of the hobgoblin units into two units of 10 to allow them to be slightly more mobile when acting as bait units, etc. Another idea might be to give your Hero the Gauntlets of B the Cruel - this would give him S7 and make him a chariot killer (if you don’t play against lot of chariots or heaviliy armoured nastiness, then feel free to ignore this idea - the chance of wounding your own side may put you off).


I like the idea of changing the newest unit of hobgobs into two of ten, so I’ll do that.

I thought about the gauntlets of B when first making the list, but I roll a horrendous amount of ones already, I don’t need my own people dieing whenever the fickle dice gods abandon me :).

Thanks for the advice guys :cheers

Any other suggestions?


my advice now is to use the list as much as you can to get a feel for how it plays and if that suits your own style.

Let us know how you get on with it

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Perhaps change one of the Hobgoblin units into Sneaky gits. You get 2 attacks and flanking. (1 attack per weapon).


Alright, once I’m done making it i’ll test a few games and come back to tell you guys how it works out.

2 poisoned attacks are good, and I have 40 bow gobs that could be used for making them, but at this point level I don’t really want any. I’ll try them out at higher points games though.

Thanks for all the help guys :hat off