[Archive] 1000 points INDY GT list


Hello !

Recently I came up with some kind of “basic” army-list:

- ChD Slavemaster: handweapon & shield; Hailfire Gun; Pendant (re-roll) 107p.

- ChD Daemonshmith: handweapon & shield; Helm of Azgorth 142p.

- ChD Warriors (15): handweapons & shields; full command group; Eruption Gun 205p.

- ChD Blunderbusses (15): musician 185p.

- Hobgoblins (20): full command group 100p.

- Hobgoblins (20): full command group 100p.

- ChD Death Rocket 90p.

- Hobgoblin Spear Chukka 35p.

- Hobgoblin Spear Chukka 35p.

Total: 999p.

Models in Army: 82

What do you think ? Will it work ?

Played WFB long times ago, so can’t really say it’s propper etc.


Looks alright… good numbers for 1000 pts thanks to Hobgobbo’s