[Archive] 1000 points, ready for tournament


Hey, ive entered myself into a tournament at my local games wokshop which is on this weekend (16th of feb) where the limit is 1000 points. Here is an idea that i might use (its similar to my first armylist but with a few tweaks: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/5655).


Chaos Dwarf Hero: 94 points

Great weapon, Armour of Gazrakh

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer: 115 points

2x Dispel Scrolls


19 Chaos Dwarf Warriors: Full Command, Shields = 201 points

40 Hobgoblins = 80 points

20 Hobgoblins: Light armour, shields, standard bearer, musician, champion = 110 points

15 Chaos Dwarf Warriors: Blunderbusses = 180 points

10 Hobgoblins �?" Bows = 50 points


2 Bolt Throwers �?" 60 points


Earth Shaker = 110 points

Total: 1000 points

what do you think? Ill be mostly playing, Orcs, empire, dwarfs high eleves and possibly the occasional Tomb Kings army. Any comments or criticisms are welcome. :slight_smile:


Drop the Gauntlets and use the spare points to boost your tooled up HGs. Apart from that it looks pretty nice and flexible


A unit of 15 BB is 180 points not 120 points.


Sorry, totally forgot about that >< it was late at night, so ive edited the list.

Lepreh Khan:

I would personally drop the bow hobbos to do one of the following:

1. Boost your Warrior unit up to 25.

2. Get some nekkid disposable hobbos.

3. Get a Hobgoblin Hero to stick in the armored Hobbo unit.

Also, I haven’t played very many 1000 point games where magic was a huge factor in determining the winner. You could (and I’ll leave this up to your discretion, especially if your opponents are magic heavy) drop the mage & scrolls and add in something else. 2 dispel dice is actually not that bad against 1 lvl 1 mage. Maybe if you drop him and the bow hobbos you could pick up some wolf rider hobgoblins.

The list is good, but that’s just what I would do if I were you.



Drop the musicians there not worth it at 10 points each get another couple of chaos dwarf warriors with the points.


Thanks for the replies, they’ve been great help to me, but sadly it turned out that the tournament was cancelled due to the fact that only 2 people showed up. But its alright, as ive just entered a campaign that uses the same points cost, so once again thanks for the help :smiley: