[Archive] 1000 pts friendly list


As the title suggests this is for an upcoming game with a friendly atmosphere.


Daemon Smith, Lvl 2 lore of fire and ruby ring of ruin.

Castellan, BsB.


24 IG, blunderbusses and full command. My BSB will be here.

10 IG, fireglaives X 2


Death Shreiker Rocket, hellbound X 2

Magma cannon X 2

That about wraps it up, I will use the glaives as flank support and park my wizard by the rockets.


For a friendly game maybe just one war machine in 1000pts any more may seem dirty :slight_smile:

A 1000pt list I’ve been having fun with is:

Lvl 2 Demon Smith (Metal)

2 Units of 25 Hob’s with bow and shield (standard and musican)

15 Fire Glaives (with standard and a muscian for a quick reform)

4 Bull Centaurs

Magama Cannon


2 magma cannons in a friendly game?? glad your are not my friend (;

Bring some hob gobs or even better hobgobbo wolf boys, now that is friendly


I can drop the magma cannons and sub k’daai.

I do not want to use hobbos either, I know I am hurting my self but I am not wanting proxy


I also realized that I put 1000 when this is a 1500 pt list