[Archive] 1000 pts with no greenskins


First of all. Sorry for possible mistakes as I’m not a native speaker.

And here’s my story :slight_smile:

Chaos Dwarf hero (general) Armor of Gazrakh, great weapon 94pts

Chaos dwarf sorcerer lvl 2 fire 100pts

Chaos dwarf sorcerer lvl 2 shadow 100pts

20 Chaos dwarf warriors full comand 210pts

17 Chaos dwarf blunderbusses 204pts

17 Chaos dwarf blunderbusses 204pts

3 boltthrowers 90pts

Total 1002pts

2 is maximum point surplus over 1000 which is allowed in local tournament.

This roster is partly based on what I physically have. Other options are- earthshaker. I guess that’s too much for 1000 game. Yes, it’s an awesome piece of artillery, but it costs more than 3 BT and if it explodes or gets killed, my opponent instantly scores 110 pts. It is harder to score points from 3 BT’s. Of course BT’s don’t perform THAT well, but at least if one or two dies, it doesn’t leave me with no warmachines at all. And even a single BT looks threatening for an opponent and makes him consider this threat.

Black orcs- good. Better than warriors. But few in numbers. That’s why its a nono. Same as with earthshaker. I’d take them on a larger tournament.

Hobgobs. Well yes. They screen. But they die anyway. And When my opponent comes in range of BB’s they are pretty dead. But I have one less unit of BB’s then. If i have 2 BB units instead 1 BB and 1 hobgob, it is still possible, that I’ll have only 1 unit of BB’s by the time the enemy comes in killzone. But if both BB units survive, they are likely to perform better than any survivng hobgobs (considering that both units are reduced in numbers). Again if the terrain does not favor me, numerous hobgobs are likely to block LOS for my shooty stuff.

Wolf riders. Well. That’s something that looks like something. That is what I might take instead of something. Just have to consider- instead of what?


I would take Armour of the Furnace over the Armor of Garzahk. Due to the ward save…

Something like this may Serve you slightly better if you can field it…

Chaos Dwarf Hero

Armour of the Furnace - Shield - Great Weapon

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

Level 2 Upgrade - Power Stone

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

2 Dispel Scrolls

19 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Champion - Standard

14 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss

14 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss

4x Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers

On the Hero… He will last a bit longer and has the option of either great weapon or hand weapon/shield for better save in combat. And the Ward will help against things that ignore armour and high strength.

Sorcerers… Firstly I believe that more than 5 static casting dice is a bit much for 1000 points, so having a LVL 2 and a LVL 1 will serve you well… and the 2 scrolls will help you against heavy casting armies such as tzeentch and undead. The power stone is really to give you the chance to get the spell you need… On your lores, REMEMBER you can choose any of the available lores at the beginning of the game after terrain is set but before either army sets up!! This is important! Metal is good against heavy cavalry armies such as empire and bretonnia. Fire is good all around, Shadow is outstanding if you get the right spells against undead and dwarfs. Death is good for the same reasons as fire but has a few spells that are more of a curse than a blessing. Use it with caution.

Core: Ok, took one model out of the Warriors as the Hero will be going there filling out the block… same for the Blunderbusses but i dropped them from 17 to 14… At this points you want to keep units cheap so you won’t hurt so bad if you loose a unit… and they are still combat viable.

Specials: I added another Bolt Thrower. Use 2 on each flank of your army to funnel theirs into your blunderbuss kill zones. People will surely fear them more than you Blunderbuss.

This army is very good at forcing the enemy to come to you as your long range can hit them turn 1 leaving them no place to hide… It will also allow you to cull their ranks away as they advance leaving your Blunderbuss and Warriors an easy job of routing them.

This is what I would run in that case… And many can agree it’s a tough nut to crack… at 1500 I would probably add a Death Rocket or an Earthshaker and some Hobgoblin Fast Cavalry to get you some speed. And Beef up the ranks on both the blunderbuss and Warriors… 18 or 20 for Blunderbuss and 24 for the warriors.


Hm! Very similar to my own thoughts. But a 5 wide BBs llok better for me (in case of cc with zombies, goblins or other numerous lame stuff, that can outnumber, but cannot, actually, kill), and than it must be at least 15. So I already thought about dropping 2 BBs (1 from a unit) and 1 warrior. That provides me 33 spare points to buy a Bolt thrower =))))


they would be 5 models wide.
4 in front rank with sorcerer makes 5. and 3 total ranks including the front. Much more in this points is over kill… and if zombies even get near your blunderbuss the strength 5 to every model in the unit nearly against toughness 2…

BTW your English is outstanding… better than mine…

Auretious Taak:

they would be 5 models wide.
4 in front rank with sorcerer makes 5. and 3 total ranks including the front. Much more in this points is over kill.. and if zombies even get near your blunderbuss the strength 5 to every model in the unit nearly against toughness 2....

Aren't zombies toughness 3? Not played against VC's for an age.

Also, you are assuming that the BB's won't take any sort of casualties as the enemy approaches,a couple extra bodies always helps keep that strength 5 as long as possible.

Might i suggest Bull Centaurs for the list? Drop the warriors add in a large unit of Bull Centaurs and you're doing damned fine. I have always found that at 1000pt games speed wins hands down especially coupled ith a strong magic phase. Even armies of pure light cavalry, skirmishes and flyers such as Dark Elves at that level last a surprsingly long time and can be a serious threat to the enemy. A unit of 10 would cost 200 pts you want them with HA though so 220 pts. Hmmm, drop it to a unit of 8, with HA = 168 plus musician 15 plus standard 15 = 198pts. Possibly drop the unit further and take it to 6 for 157pts and take with the remaining 47 pts in the force another Bolt Thrower or upgrade the Sorcerer to level 2 from Severius's list.

It might work.

Auretious Taak.