[Archive] 1000p army ps.how does the slaver thing work?


This be the rough idea for my 1000p army

it’s suppost to be CD heavy


Ronshank (of couse, has to be my Terry Pratchett homaige she-dwarf) 2 weps, hev arm 68p


15 standard CD’s stand, champ 155p

2 X 15 BB CD’s stand, champ 400p (blunders)


15 Black Orcs, 2 weps, stand, champ (going to replace the champ with a Dwarf Slaver) 207p

:hashutwas wondering can I give this regament the banner of slavery? and can my Dwarf slaver actually be there?

Probably not looking at the pdf rules but worth a shot (anyone have rules for this, there’s no real “slave unit” rules, which looks abit wrong to me I mean without a slaver whats to stop them slaves running off or fighting you right. And who can resist making a big hat with a whip?) cough I chose the Black orcs because 1) it’s nice to actually have models, 2) because I really don’t want to run out of momentum doing up a whole heap of models and 3) To remind my Orc happy friend who his real masters are, mostly the last one though :sick.


Earth shaker 110p

=940 (990 if I can get that banner of slavery in) depending on weather I can get the banner in might buy a soucerer or something; i’ll with it play some more, maybe i’ll waste some points on musicians

Oh yeah did I mention I want to take this to conflict so real rules from those more knowlegable than I (just about everyone here) will be awesome!

can’t wait to start have already drawn up my concept CD army :):):slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

The slaver would have to be counts as only. As far as I know, Black Orcs CAN have the banner, but just for the sake of saftey, put it in one of the Chaos Dwarf units. Probably the warriors without blunderbusses. Then, add a musician to one of the units, just to make up points or give the general an Enchanted Shield. Alternatively, go without the banner and take two hobgoblin bolt throwers/some hobgoblins. Up to you though. You’ve not got much defence against magic though. Just be warned about that.

Uzkul Werit:

Only Warriors or Bull Centaurs may have the Banner of Slavery. Now just to make sure that you get your monys wirth from it, you may want to soend your last lot of points on a bucket’s worth of Hobgoblins.


To tell you the truth I’m being lazy and don’t want to have to convert all those hobgobs, lack of magic duly noted


Don’t convert, just paint up some night goblins in light colours, maybe brownish skin.


In 1,000pts magic isn’t that important IMO. Your lack of maneuverability is what concerns me. The Black Orcs, while they look very cool, are a waste of points and I would argue that the command is wasted on the BB unit.