[Archive] 1000pts Army by a CD Newbie


Since i’ve never played or seen anyone play using CD + I am really bad at theoryhammer, I obviously don’t know what works and what doesn’t for Chaos Dwarfs. Since I am, like most of you, converting my own models for the army, I would like any major weakness in the list exsposed before I begin. Any help would be greatly appreciated!:cheers

Here’s the list(all the math was done in head so there might be some errors):

Hero w. Heavy armour and Great weapon 68pts

Lvl. 2 Sorcerer 100pts

19 Warriors w. Full Command Hand, weapon and Shield’s 201pts

10 Warriors w. Full Command and Great axes 140pts

10 Warriors w. Blunderbusses 120pts

5 Hobgoblins on wolves w. Full Command light armour and Shields 95pts

2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers 60pts

20 Sneaky Gits 100pts

5 Bull Centaurs w. Heavy armour and Standard Bearer 115pts

I have heard something about lapping round no longer existing. If that is true I will drop the sneaky gits. Also I’m not so sure that the Hobgoblins and Bull Centaurs will be of much use in such small units.


Lapping around no longer exists and also you cannot take Hobgoblins in units of 5, it’s a minimum of 10.

I think 10 warriors with full command is just giving points away (same goes for the wolfriders).

Your general is very exposed, maybe you should try to get the armour of gazrak for him.

I hope some of this helps you, I’m not too sure where you’re heading with this army but I’m not so sure a level 2 is necessary either (maybe a level 1 scroll caddy).


Armour of Ghazrak on the hero, drop the level on the sorc for a dispel scroll.

Drop the Gits for the points to get more wolfriders (assuming you still want wolfirders if the unit is that big, they are very useful at 1K battles)

Drop either the 10 warriors or 10 blunderbusses to boost the unit you keep (18 blunderbuss seems to be the magic number).

You should have a few points spare for some vanilla hobgobs for a meat shield or distraction


Your characters choices are fine however based on my experience I would drop the level on the sorcer and wit the points saved, I would give him one or even two dispell scrolls.

I would also drop the unit of 10 CD with great weapons and increase your current unit of CD’s to 25 and with the left over points increase your blunderbuss unit from 10 to 15.

Sneaky gits are quite effective because of their poisioned attacks however Id be more inclined to use a unit of 20 orcs or perhaps even two units of 25 hobgoblins.


Based on your suggestions, I made some changes.

-I decided to drop the level on the Sorcerer and give him some scrolls instead.

-I also gave my hero the armour of Gazrakh.

-Increased my wolfrider unit to 10 and dropped the command but kept musician.

-Dropped the great weapon unit and increased the blunderbuss unit to 18

-Dropped the gits and added a unit of 20 Hobboes with shields(only because the bfsp gobboes which I’m going to use have shields)

-Corrected an error i found in the Bull Centaur unit. I had only paid 10pts for Standard Bearer

Thanks again guys:cheers

Lepreh Khan:

Here’s an FAQ which explains some new rules for Sneaky Gits in the GT:


Maybe we should put this in the Wiki or somewhere on this site? We should probably download it in case it dissappears after the GT.

-Lepreh Khan


I think that’s a good idea.

More curiously, what would the application of Sneaky Gits being able to Free Manuever be if they are already locked in combat? Aside from facing a more fierce foe, which could hurt you since your facing has changed with rank bonuses, how exactly would a free manuever help us?


It has it’s own page in the wiki: [[US-GT rules]]

It addresses all the issues caused by the rules (I hope! If not then add to it)

The things we can’t do is copy words of the rules themselves or have a copy of the article, for legal reasons.

Lepreh Khan:

@ Cornixt: True… darn copywrite issues.

@ Draconis: The only benefit it really give them is that if they are charged in the flank or rear & they stay in the combat, then they are able to turn around so that they get their rank bonus back.

-Lepreh Khan